The Halo Remake Will Go Beyond Nostalgia... To A New Generation

I think it's almost a given that the Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary will appeal to folks from my generation - those old enough to remember the original being this ground breaking, history in the making, experience. But Microsoft also hopes that the remake will prep a new generation of gamers for Halo 4.

“One of the key things with Halo 4 is going back to what made it amazing for people playing the first Halo," claimed Microsoft UK’s Xbox & Entertainment director Stephen McGill, speaking to MCV.

“But the people who are 18 years old now were only eight when Halo appeared. They probably didn’t play it. That’s the opportunity the Anniversary pack and then Halo 4 have.”

So folks - is there anyone out there young enough to not really remember playing the original Halo?

Dear God I feel old...

Halo franchise targeting new generation [MCV]


    I was quite young, but Halo's the game that got me into gaming and I remember playing through it very well. Co-op was a blast.

    Yeah I was in first year uni. New generation already? I also feel old.

    I played it as a young'un a few years after it originally came out, and adored it. I was way too young to realise how innovative out was though, since I've never played any 90s shooters.

    I haven't liked any of the sequels as much as I did the first one, for some reason. Just something about its incredibly intuitive gameplay and the story. The story!

    I'm hoping the remake will make me have the same reaction, it would be really unfortunate if the campaign had the gameplay of the sequels, which was in my mind way too geared towards multilayer.

    Did I hear that the single player campaign used the same code and gameplay as the original, but with a graphical makeover?

    Goddamn, I'm only 23 and it makes me feel old as well. Can't believe Halo was that long ago. Ahh how I fondly remember holding that fat-arse controller in my hands having Ghost races in Blood Gulch with friends only to be a dick and jump in the Scorpion and blow them away :P

    Only HALO i ever thought was any good was the first one, so i'll be getting a copy of this... i just need to find that link for the "original xbox controller for the 360" from a few weeks back.

    I'm 19 and I remember playing the first halo, obviously not at the time of release but a year or so after, and thinking it was an amazing game. From memory it was the first FPS I had played outside of Goldeneye and Perfect Dark, and i'll always have fond memories of it.

    The story, as well as gameplay made it one of my favourite games growing up. I have high hopes for the remake, as long as the pistol in all it's infinitely overpowered glory comes back.

      I'm also 19 and you said exactly what I was thinking.

      Being 9 years old when it came out just makes those fond memories that much more nostalgic.

      I also agree that the pistol should be awesome again.
      I also have high hopes.

    I remember playing it at my best mate's (and now my housemate) house when I was 12. I'm looking forward to Anniversary way more than Halo 4.

    I am 18 now, and I only remember starting with Halo 2 :P

    Let me guess....A more in-depth class system than Reach? All I can say is "cawwadooty kids ahoy!"

    This game looks terrible imo. The graphics all look ugly, and more importantly the multiplayer is supposed to be like it was in Reach, which was ruined by the class system. Why does Halo need a class system anyway? What was wrong with the normal mechanics in the Halo 1-3?

    I still consider Halo new, lol

    To be fair, this might allow little kids and fratboys to see what makes Halo great instead of thinking it's all about abusing overpowered weapons and teabagging.

    I'm 20 and I remember Halo very fondly :) got all the games sitting in my shelves. Halo 2 was my favourite though simply because of the online. Back when you could use the rocket/sword and sniper/sword lunge to get out of most of the maps. It was a hell of a good time!

    I never got an Xbox and the PC releases were always staggered so far behind that you really felt out of date. If they made this on PC as well, then yeah, I'd jump for it. But I can't see why this would sell that much when people can already get a HD version of Halo on 360 anyway.

    Wait the guy who gave the comment said someone didnt play Halo? is he stupid, everyone has played halo!

    So I'm guessing once they've released Halo 1 to generate interest in Halo 4, they're going to have to re-release Halo 2... and since Halo 5 will probably be on Microsoft's NEXT console, they'll have to remake 3 to generate interest in 6.

    Future Halo chronology, calling it now:

    2001: Halo: Combat Evolved
    2004: Halo 2
    2007: Halo 3
    2009: Halo 3: ODST
    2010: Halo: Reach
    2011: Halo: Combat Evolved: Anniversary
    2012: Halo 4
    2014: Halo 2: Anniversary
    2015: Halo 5: Master Chief and Friends
    2017: Halo 3: Super OMGWTFBBQ Edition

    I assume after the atrocious sales of Halo 5, Halo 6 will be cancelled. A new studio powered by the spinning corpses of Bungie Studios (who mysteriously vanished during the EA/Activision war of 2019-2021 only to drop back into 2017 from through a rift in space-time) will assume control of the Halo brand in 2018 and begin remaking Halo 4. At the launch of Halo 4 in 2020, a promotional model of Master Chief will be struck by irradiated lightning and come to life, systematically killing everything that isn't made of blue light.

      I already preordered Halo 3: Super OMGWTFBBQ Edition. You find out cortana and the master chief were originally given birth to octomum and a discarded tomato source bottle

      The last game probably launched somewhere in 2025 will be called "Absolute Remake of Halo".

    17 and I played each and every Halo with every release date. :)

    Those whippersnappers with their fancy "Haych Dee" graphics wont understand Halo!

    Is there really anymore storyline they can squeeze out of John-117 re: HALO 4, apart from...

    animate brick-wall fights aliens with big guns to emotive concertos.


    I was 8 when Halo was released an i sure as hell played it from release date.

    Hoo Rahh

      same here, got an xbox on release day with halo

      good times

    The same time has passes since Halo:CE, as that that has passed between Halo and.... Battletoads. Think about it.

    First experience of Halo was as the first game I played on the trojan-console Xbox, a cousin's system which really didn't do it justice.
    Then, a couple of years after the original release, I picked up a copy for PC.
    Accepting it was a couple of years old, I had a blast with it and the mouse aiming.

    I was 18 when it came out... man, I was suffering from the worst cold when that game came out.
    It was awful, the way it lined up with launch day... carried right on through till I'd finished the campaign too.

    I'm a Halo whore... I'll be picking it up.

    Halo was the first game i got when i traded in my gamecube for a xbox. I still remember the day me and a mate of mine dedicated an entire day to play the legendary Co-Op campaign from start to end, it was probaly the only time we both spend a whole day playing a game with only a few piss breaks and lunch, by the end i didnt even know what time it was and i was dead tired, but very fulfilled.We were about 13 years old then, and we decided that we will do it again when the 10th Anniversary Edition comes out.

    I'm 17 and I'm one of the old generation who played Halo 1 a lot. Does that make me weird?

      17 year old saying they're part of the old generation?

      Oh you better believe that's a paddlin'!

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