The Horror Of Mario's Enemies

It's a good thing the early Mario games were so low-fi. If they'd shown your enemies in as high a resolution as they appear here, we'd have all been crapping our childhood pants.

These, uh, interpretations of some of Mario's foes were drawn by Mike Puncekar. Some of them, like Lakitu, are just cool. But those Boos would have been a little much for my under-developed sanity to bear.

You can see more of Mike's awesome art below.

Mario Enemies [Mike Puncekar]


    Not sure if it's just me, but I'm *really* tired of seeing news stories of "realistic" interpretations of Nintendo characters.


      Realistic? No. More gritty re-interpretation of Mushroom Kingdom characters - and I happen to think it's bloody cool....especially the shyguy...

      You have the ability to make the choice not to click on links.

      I suggest you exercise it in future and let the rest of us enjoy this amazing art.

    American McGee's Mario anyone? lol Shy guy is my favourite!

    Just AWESOME!

    That Shy Guy is definatly the winner of the bunch. 2nd boo is also quite awesome

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