The Humble Indie Bundle Smashes Sales Records (And Warms The Cockles Of My Heart)

The Humble Indie Bundle Smashes Sales Records (And Warms The Cockles Of My Heart)

In an industry which is plagued with issues of piracy, this is a heart warming tale that speaks to the romantic deep within every gamer’s heart – the Humble Indie Bundle, which hasn’t even been onsale for a full day yet, has raised over $500,000, providing a significant amount of money to various different game related charities.

The Humble Indie Bundle is a package comprised of five games: Crayon Physics Deluxe, Cogs, VVVVVV, Hammerfight, and And Yet It Moves. The bundle lets you pay however much you want to for the game, but also lets you divide the money you pay as you see fit. Want to give more to the devs and less to charity? Or more to charity and less to the developers? Well, you can!

It’s an incredible scheme, and you can still partake in the scheme by heading here.

The home page also throws up some interesting facts.

– Notch, the creator of Minecraft, payed the most for his copy of the humble indie bundle – nominating $4048 for the five game pack. – Linux users pay more on average that Mac and Windows users, with Windows users coming in dead last! – Linux users pay on average $11.08, Mac users $6.42 and Windows users $3.87. The vast majority of purchase, however, come from Windows users.

You don’t have to pay as much as Notch, but if you have any interest in these games and any spare cash lying around, I can think of worse ways to spend it!


  • I sent these guys an email today – i’m hoping to do a bit of a Q & A with them – it’s really such a great cause and the epitome of what the gaming community SHOULD be.

    • And even if they don’t agree to a formal Q & A, you’d probably be able to get all the answers you want just by talking to John on the support line (or the wolfire IRC).

  • I doubt I’ll be buying it this year. None of the games seem note worthy. I like to think I’m very generous with this sort of thing, but there doesn’t look like anything there that I wouldn’t find on kongerate, since I already have cogs.

    Anyone care to convince me otherwise?

    • Hell, I’m not really interested in any of the games and I’m still to play the games I got from the last bundle yet I’ve purchased them both because supporting the Child’s Play charity, EFF and indie developers is always a good thing.

    • I bought it for $10 and have no intention of playing the games any time soon, perhaps even at all, but I still feel like it was money well spent. I’ll happily pay $10 for a pint of (good) beer on a Friday evening, so why not have on less and spend the $10 on something that is actually worthwhile?

    • @Seegrey

      I *absolutely* recommend VVVVVV (letter ‘v’ six times).

      1. It’s Super Meat Boy without the pain.
      2. Braid without the wanky philosphy.
      3. Beautiful ‘Commodore 64 esque’ graphics, 4. Delightful chiptune music
      5. A great experience.

      Well worth a few dollars, and the author is incredibly genuine. When I bought it direct from his site, I got a personal email.

      In fact, currently he won’t LET you pay fullprice for VVVVVV – his site directs you to the Humble Bundle site instead.

      Imagine that – a game maker that *insists* on making sure you can pay whatever you want with assistance to charity, rather than getting all the $$$ himself. Legend.

    • Hammerfight is one that, like Cogs, probably isn’t so widely known.

      It’s one of those weird games that sometimes isn’t explained so well but can be highly entertaining once you get the hang of it.

      Imagine a sort of steampunk physics-driven Choplifter with swords… and there is a demo available for trying it out.

  • Another point to note: Aussie dollar is very strong right now (1 AUD = 1.10 USD on right now). The payments are in USD, so make sure if you were willing to spend say $10, bump it up to $11 on the website. You’ll still get charged the 10 you were willing to pay, but more money will go to charity 🙂

  • I don’t think Notch actually nominated the $4,048 originally – if you check his Twitter I think he initially chipped in $2,048 but it didn’t go through, so he tried again with $2,000, but then both transactions ended up going through… but he’s done well enough for himself that he let the combined amount stand.

  • I plan to get it when I get paid next week. I’ll probably pay $10, and split it half half. I think the fact that you get games is a bonus.

    • As in you didn’t get your download link?

      Because it comes up on the screen once you submit your payment AND gets sent to your nominated email address.

  • “In an industry which is plagued with issues of piracy”

    Plagued with paranoia about the incredibly minor issue of piracy, you mean.

    I’ve got some of those games, and would like to give the second steam copy to my gf – do you get separate steam copies, or is it just one bundle altogether so the second one is wasted?

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