The Latest Castlevania Game Originally Had Simon Belmont In It

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, released last year, ended up starring Gabriel Belmont, and was let's say...different from most other games in the franchise.

Fans will be interested to see, then, that developers Mercury Steam and publishers Konami originally had other plans for the game, with series legend Simon Belmont cast in the lead role.

The footage above shows an early demo for the game, with Belmont front and centre, dishing out the hurt.

This Is What Simon Belmont Looked Like In Castlevania: Lords of Shadow [Siliconera]


    He looks like Gabriel with Altair's clothes. Did they not even change the face?

    Why not have Simon in it? Just because Kojima was involved they had to make him look like Snake.

    Sorry Konami. A GoW clone does not a winner make. Stick with what you know.

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