The Mass Effect Movie Will Be At Comic-Con

Hollywood studio Legendary Pictures will be holding its first ever "standalone panel" at this year's Comic-Con in San Diego. Why do we care? Because they'll be talking about the Mass Effect movie, that's why.

Yes, tucked away at the bottom of the press release announcing the studio's showings is the news that the film's writer Mark Protosevich and BioWare's Casey Hudson will be holding a panel, where they'll discuss their work on the long-in-production film project.

Interestingly, the release says Protosevich is "adapting the game to film", which sounds a lot like they're simply turning just the first game into a movie. Leaving the other two games to be covered by, well, another two movies!

Since there's no actors in costume yet, don't expect any footage of the movie. If you're lucky, you might get some concept art or CG sequences, though, and hopefully word on a director as well.

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      ah hell

      LMAO I had the exact same reaction, only with more profanity.

    Male or female shepard? Risky choice - runs the risk of alienating/angering long-time fans.

      It'll be male Shepard because everybody who doesn't play will most likely recognise the male version, though i'd rather a female version.

    I wonder if they'll announce that Commander Shepard and his crew are going to be a family of interstellar antiquities dealers that travel around the galaxy meting out justice?

      No, the movie will be more like Mr and Mrs Smith, only Mr and Mrs Shepphard (will make femshep fans happy)

      haha iswydt

      I heard Joe Pesci is going to play Wrex

        Yeah I heard that... also that Robert De Niro will be playing a Hanar...

      Someday we will forgive David O. Russell his brand-jacking..but today is not that day.

    Premature nerdgasm.

    I can't help but be excited by projects like this. Even though the game's plot has multiple paths, it's largely the details that change.

    The real challenge will be making the audience care about the six crew members and maintaining the personalities.

      And that illustrates exactly what I dislike about (especially the newer) Bioware games. Don't get me wrong I enjoy Mass Effect immensely, I just wish they didn't market it as a 'Multiple paths with far reaching consequences and massive divergences' thing as much as they do. But I suppose "Change minor details along an epic Space Opera just doesn't have the same ring."


    I'm not at all a fan of the idea that the game should be adapted. They'd have to define Shepard, for a start, and then all the decisions s/he made.

    Flies in the face of everything the developers have been saying about the lack of canon, and undermines the attempts the novels have made to avoid stating anything decisively.

    Is it possible the press release was talking about 'adapting the game' in more general terms? There are plenty of other storylines in the universe that can be explored without involving Shepard or imposing any artificial 'canon'.

    No BAY, NO BOLL, chant it with me!


      I wouldn't mind Michael Bay doing the movie, I think criticise him because it's fun more than because he deserves it. Most criticisms is that he does a lot of big action sequences, but given that he makes action movies, I don't have a problem with that. They are better than most, if not all action movies out there.

      Where the Transformers movies really fall over is in the terrible writing. You can certainly fault Bay for this somewhat, as a good director can make a bad script a good movie, but the plot and dialogue in the Transformers movies were beyond saving.

        people criticise him*

        The Transformers movies had plot and dialogue?

          It was just after the scene where the guy stands up as the camera swings around him.

            Ah, right. I thought it might have been tucked away in that scene where all that shit was exploding which might have explained why I missed it.

    • Duncan Jones (Moon, Source Code), Matthew Vaughn (Layer Cake, Kick Ass, X-Men First Class) or Neill Blomkamp (District 9) would be my picks.

        Agree. Neil Blonkamp would be at the top of that list. Maybe it's to much to ask for Christopher Nolan, he'd want to diverge into space opera by now. :P

        They'll probably go with a Male Paragon Shep because it's Hollywood.

          Blomkamp or Vaughn would be amazing.

          Mass Effect needs more than just people who can direct action movies, and those two (especially Blomkamp with District 9) have a more thoughtful side.

          I still don't believe that a game as cinematic as Mass effect should be adapted to film, but Blomkamp would rock as director...

          ... although it would probably be shot doco style from the perspective of that reporter that Shepard punches out...

    Considering that Hudson and the two good Doctors are Exec Producers and would have some level of input on the development, i am happy with whatever direction it takes. By the time it comes out (2014?) ME3 would have been out for 2 years and i think by then people wouldn't mind seeing a linear cannon Shepard storyline.

    hmm... I don't know about this. Do we really NEED a ME film?

      DO we really ever need ANY movies of games? I the greatest part of something like ME is the fact that it's my story. My Shepard was a smart mouthed bitch who more often than not let her gun lead the way first. But someone else's Shepard would have been different. Forcing it into a film take away all that sense of exploration, seeing the different quest lines and responses.

      If they just lifted a ME story out of that universe, then it could potentially be interested, but how many non-gamers would go to see a film like that? In order to make it palatable to the mainstream, they probably would have to simplify things so far that it would almost be unrecognisable as ME, except for the aliens.

      A game like the orignal ME has several key combat sequences, but I doubt they would be able to fit all of those into a film. Once again, the risk becomes one of over-simplification.

      I think the recent fan rage against the Uncharted movie highlights several issues. One that is relevant here is that part of what makes Uncharted popular are the characters, and the quality cinematics. If a film producer says he's going to change all those things, whats the point of calling it Uncharted?

      Personally, I think very few games would actually make good candidates for films. And the way that a film of a game can be conceptualised varies a lot - is it a straight remake, or a rewrite, or inspired by? It seems that most film makers get it wrong when thinking about making a game-film. They seem to think that since they're using games a a source material, the normal rules of film making don't apply. And so usually the product that ends up getting released is a pile of shit.

    Femsep is canon! (To me anyways...)

    They are just redoing the games....*sigh* and here I was excited they would do the first contact war or the krogran rebellions.

    Seems like a way for Hollywood cash in on the massive amounts of fans, myself included, who are going to see the movie regardless.

    But maybe I'm just being too pessimistic. Prehaps it will actually be a good movie to watch, not I have to buy it on DVD and Blueray good (even though I may just buy it, anyway I digress), but decent. Hey and maybe this movie will bring more people into the fanbase so I don't feel like that weird kid who sits in the corner of the class when anyone finds out I play Mass Effect.

    Isn't this the FUNimation anime movie they announced last year?

    Can't help but think of Wing Comander game/Movie ....

    I REALLY hope it will be worth it.

    Wonder if Fox News will call it a movie about rape if there's a side boob in it? :\

    Mass Effect: Sci-fi, lens-flare
    J.J Abrams: Sci-fi, lens-flare
    It's a match made in heaven.

    Shepard: Mark Wahlberg
    Ashley: Mila Kunis
    Captain Anderson: Beau Bridges
    Kaiden: Chris O'Donnell
    Saren: Ludacris

    and this is the way the world ends

    I think they should make femshep/maleshep twins, that way we would have both shep and just to cover everything we could make one go paragon and the other renegade, the only problem would be deciding who comands the normandy...

    At least it's not Uwe Boll!

    I wonder if they'll make a second version of each film with a femal Shepard?

    But yeah, please no Boll or Bay, they're both crappy directors.

    Yeah who would wan't a female lead in a Mass Effect film. Sill concept, having women in special forces anyway.... just look at Demi Moore in G.I Jane ;)

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