The Music And Maker Of Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Revealed

The Music And Maker Of Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Revealed

Square Enix has made the unusual mash-up of music and role-playing game known as Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy official. The Nintendo 3DS game will span the music and characters of thirteen Final Fantasy games and comes from a promising developer.

Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy is in development for the 3DS from Tokyo-based studio indieszero. The developer’s credits include quirky music tool Electroplankton and the video games based on Game centre CX series, known as Retro Game Challenge in North America, for the Nintendo DS.

According to Square Enix, Theatrhythm will feature four gameplay variations on its musical methods, field, battle and event. And according to Andriasang‘s translation of the official announcement, players can squad up with up to four party members, each plucked from Final Fantasy game ranging from the NES original to FFXIII.

Remixed tunes from those games, including “Clash on the Big Bridge” from Final Fantasy V, “One Winged Angel” from Final Fantasy VII, “At Zanarkand” from Final Fantasy X and “The Sunleth Waterscape” from Final Fantasy XIII will be featured in the 3DS game.

Get a taste of the look and feel of Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy at the game’s official Japanese site, with additional details from Andriasang.

Form a Party of Four in Theatrhythm Final Fantasy [Andriasang]


  • bahahaha, okay, the title thing made me laugh!

    but a remixed at zanarkand? please don’t ruin one of my favourite final fantasy songs 🙁

  • Oh wow. Another Final Fantasy game we didn’t ask for in a genre we don’t need with a pretentious, barley pronounceable title.

  • i gotta agree with last 2 people, this is BARELY interesting to all but the biggest FF fan. Square needs a whole new management team i think, maybe some westerners haha or at least someone who listens to what the customers want..

  • To be honest, this might be good. Final Fantasy has a large number of amazing tracks, and rhythm games can be a lot of fun. I’m actually interested, especially if it’s in the style of something like Elite Beat Agents/Ouendan/Osu!

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