The Mysterious Team Fortress 2 Space Program

Earlier this week, a Team Fortress 2 update quietly added a bizarre new feature: several crashed rockets, which can now be seen smoking in the distance of several of the game's maps.

There's no explanation for the rocket's appearance, just the fact they're there, and that when yanked from the game's code we find they're called "Grockets".

Bizarre, but then, we had something similar recently, when doves started turning up in the middle of matches. That ended up preceding the release of "Meet the Medic", so there's hope that this means another of Valve's excellent animated shorts will soon be on the way.

Rockets? In MY TF2 maps? [Steam]


    Community rumors are calling either Meet the Pyro or some new toys for the Engineer.

    And of course Episode 3.

    I heard that the China TF2 ripoff was launching rockets, trying to take the game maps down. Good news though, TF2 Pyro's handily redirected them to safe areas.

    Well, men are from Mars, women are from Venus... and Venus is the hotter of the two...

    They better not confirm or deny Pyro's gender. Leave it wonderfully unknown.


      For the love of god, please, this.

        So how do we get to "meet" the Pyro while avoiding all indications of gender?

    Oh shiiii- Meet The Space Core, he's finally come back.

    I doubt it's Meet the Pyro, since it took two years between Meet the Spy and Meet the Medic.

    More likely just another themed content patch, one rumoured to contain 'Raid Mode', a bit like Monday Night Combat with a constant stream of enemies.

    could be used to mark a themed pack/update coming soon to tie in with the fact the space shuttle program in the US is nearing its end?

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