The Next Pocket God Update Adds Zombies

The Next Pocket God Update Adds Zombies

They’re putting zombies in the next free update to the iPhone and iPad Pocket God: Journey To Uranus, possibly because there are no other successful video game series to add zombies to.

Watch the trailer. The zombies fight right in to Bolt Creative’s virtual pygmy torture device playset.

The update, officially entitled Pocket God: Journey to Uranus Episode 5 ‘Planet of the Living Dead’ will go live tomorrow. It’s free to people who already own 99-cent app. And it includes, according to the official press release:

-Graveyard Island – First appearing in the original Pocket God iPhone app, Graveyard Island now comes to the iPad as well in Pocket God: Journey to Uranus.

-The undead horde – Create undead Pygmy zombies by burying them alive on Graveyard Island and spread them across the solar system, if you should so choose.

-Arm the Pygmies! – Arm your Pygmies with axes to battle their zombie foes. Be warned though, hacking off limbs will only delay the zombie onslaught.

– Smite the living dead – Test out new fatalities on zombie Pygmies! favourite death-dealing features like lightning, toxic gas, and the aging bubble all have new and different effects on zombies.

Look for this update on Wednesday, Pocket God people. If you don’t have Pocket God: Journey to Uranus, you can grab it on iTunes for $1.19.


  • For the next update can you do like Mars with the killer aliens with ray guns or Saturn the planet of music and dance and on saturn pygmy can get guitars and smash other pygmys and you can get a mic and a pygmy sings into it and other pygmys they cover there ears and explode sincely NINJ-AS age 11

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