The Nintendo Video Service Can Only Get Better Than This

Our very own Mike Fahey warned me that there were no new videos to watch on the 3DS today, despite today being some sort of 3DS Video Service launch day. Given that I trust Fahey about as far as I can throw him with one hand, I had to go to my 3DS' eShop and check.

Look what I found. (That's your cue to watch the video above.)


    That was terrible and shocking. Terrible because the "we're not going to tell you when we take videos away... or when new videos arrive" and shocking because you look way too much like I do. It was like seeing my own reflection... and I'm weirded out now.

    Thanks for the terrible and shocking video!

    hi there ulit nintendo video service is brand new only a few weeks old sence its brand new we shuld give nintendo videos more time too delevolpe the first videos might be bad at first but in a few years it might be alwsoume give it more time then just one video i have used it about 2:04 2 hours 4 minutes on data tracker

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