The PlayStation Vita Is Smaller Than You Think

This is a PSP 2000. Hiding under it is a PlayStation Vita. An actual Vita, not a fake one.

The Vita was running Hot Shots Golf, but you can't see that. You can only see two things: 1) The Vita, impressive futuristic gaming handheld that it is, isn't much bigger than a PSP 2) that there's Joel Johnson holding this PlayStation Sandwich.


    Its so awesome that its the same size of a Psp 2000 as i liked the size of it so the PSV looks awesome.

    Good size. I can see this trouncing the 3DS this generation somehow. I don't know why... maybe it's because it's actually innovative beyond being gimmicky?

      putting on a touch screen and second analogue stick is innovative? yet putting on a analogue stick and a glasses free 3D screen is a gimmick?

        A lot of DS games just didn't work and the main reason was the horrible controls, I can't see much difference with the controls on the 3DS and already I see games getting poor reviews because of similar problems.

      There is not a single thing innovative about the PS Vita. It's arguable that the 3DS is gimmicky, but the PS Vita is also guilty.

      The PS Vita is literally throwing every input mechanism known to man into the device to see what sticks. Touchscreen, gyroscope, camera, thumbsticks, BACK touch pad, mic etc. Gimmickry, thy name is Vita.

        Who gives a shit? Gimmick is like a hate buzzword now, I will be buying the PSV because it has alot of useful shit in it and it can play games at a PS2 quality. I don't know what else you want.

        by that definition, so is the Wii U I guess.

        But the fact that Vita is pushing powerful graphics does make it less gimmicky because it's actually taking steps forward. 3DS is almost the same system with a 3D glasses free screen attached.

    I don't know why the 3DS gets such a bagging. The 3D is awesome and imho beyond a gimmick. There are some scenes in OOT that look magical in 3D. When you get a stone, it looks like it pops out of the screen and you can put your finger through it. The 3D of this device is better that most 3D TV's I've demoed in that I find it really immersive.

    Saying it's barely larger than the PSP is all well and good... But are people forgetting that the PSP is goddamn huge?

      There's no hiding it, it is very clunky. I've never had to keep a PSP in my pocket for extended periods of time, so I guess it's not too much of a pain for me.

      But if there's gonna be a new Persona game or Disgaea game on it, it would be totally worth it.

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