The Riddler Takes A Sinister Turn In Batman: Arkham City

Edward Nigma, AKA the Riddler, is merely a highly intelligent man with a penchant for criminal activities. How dangerous can he possibly be? Looks like we'll find out in Batman: Arkham City.

As teased back in March, the Riddler plays a much more expanded role in Arkham City than he did in Arkham Asylum. No longer a faceless voice teasing Batman with puzzles, he is now something much more dark and dangerous. He's a criminal mastermind out to prove his worth, and when the Riddler sets out to impress, people get hurt.

It's lovely to see a more deadly take on the puzzling pilferer. After years of being little more than a running gag and a brief stint as a good guy in the comics, perhaps Arkham City will show us just how dangerous the right question can be.


    So, judging by that trailer, The Riddler will be like Jigsaw from the Saw movies?

    I totally couldn't tell. I get that there are really simple circular, metal things, other than that worst game trailer this year.

    Did that sound like David Cross to anyone else?

      I thought it sounded like Neil Patrick Harris

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