The Secret World Reveals New England's Dirty Little Secret

Funcom's upcoming supernatural MMO The Secret World reveals the dark truth New Englanders have tried in vain to hide behind their colourful leaves and inexpensive lobster dishes: The place is brimming with evil.

As far as secrets go, it's not a very well-kept one. Stephen King has been tapping that evil New England arse for years. Hell, even the old sitcom Newhart recognised that the region was a hotbed for the twisted and bizarre; you just know Larry, Darryl, and Darryl were hiding bodies in shallow graves all over that quaint little bed and breakfast.

The Secret World calls this area the Savage Coast of New England. It's almost as frightening as real New England.


    I remember looking this game up a couple of years ago. The cinematics were cool, but some of the gameplay footage looked aweful. Any further info on release dates, in game footage etc?

      agreed. gameplay looks very....Spiderman-like.
      which we know has so far been a let down.

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