The State (And Stats) Of The Portal 2 Gamer

The State (And Stats) Of The Portal 2 Gamer

If you ask us, Portal 2 is a great game. However, a few weeks after its release we took a look at its Steam Achievements and discovered that only half of its players had actually finished the game – and we also found that even less had played any of the game’s co-op campaign.

We decided to check back now that the game has been out for a couple months to see if what we found was still true.

The answer? Yes, mostly. While more players are completing more of the game since we checked the numbers on April 28, there hasn’t been a dramatic change in percentages. Co-op is still being ignored by a lot of people.


As of July 1, 86.5 per cent of people who own the game have started it – about 2.5 per cent less than before. However, 64.3 per cent of of the players tracked by Steam actually finished the single player campaign, up from 55.7 per cent. Put simply, the people who beat the game increased in ratio from one in two to almost two out of three.

For co-op, the situation remains roughly the same as we had last seen; 58.3 per cent had started the co-op campaign (as opposed to 51.1 per cent last time) while only 26.9 per cent actually complete co-op (as opposed to 21.7 per cent).

So on the co-op front, it remains that only half of all Portal 2 players connected to Steam actually try co-op while only one in four actually complete it. More people have finished the single-player campaign than have started co-op.

What about you, readers? Finish Portal 2? Give the co-op campaign a whirl? Feel free to sound off below!


  • I played through Portal 2 on the PS3 during the outage, so my stats didn’t contribute last time. I’m assuming that’ll be true for a lot of people too. First thing I did when PSN came back online was sync my trophies.

  • Just give me a few more days until my bandwidth resets, I’ll have the co-op done almost immediately afterwards.

  • Count me in as that 1 in 4. I’ve finished the story but haven’t gotten very far in co op.

    None of my friends play Portal and I really don’t like playing online if I can avoid it. To me, it’s really no fun playing a game like this with someone that you don’t know.

    I’m sure I’ll get around to completing it one day, though.

  • My copy of Portal 2 arrived in the mail on Thursday but because the Steam servers were stuffing up I didn’t get the chance to play the game untill last night.

    Spent the whole night playing and beat it in one sitting. Took roughly 8 hours. Loved almost every second of it. I couldn’t stop laughing. I can’t imagine how anyone could start a game like Portal 2 and then not end up beating it. How could they not want to know how it all ends?

    Haven’t tried co-op yet. I don’t expect I ever will.

    • Itt is an excellent single player experience. I adore it. It’ll definitely be one of the games I remember nostalgiacally in 10 years.

  • My four year old son has finished Portal 2, I was going to write to valve to tell them up the challenge for him. Given this they might not be inclined to do so:(.

    As far as co-op goes I still have the last level to do as my wife told me i would be in trouble if I did it with out her, unspecified trouble, the worst kind…..

  • I really want to smash Portal 2, but I am hesitant to start it with some random person, I need a mate to committ to it as well. Anyone else just played the co-op with a random person? How did it go?

    • I’ve heard the random match-up means you typically end up with someone who either drags you down or impatiently races ahead of you, hence my reluctance to try it.

      • Agreed, I got quite lucky with it, in that only once or twice did I encounter people who had presumably completed the level I was up to and impatiently ‘ping-tooled’ every conceivable object in the environment in an effort to hurry up my brain-processes. I found that behaviour to be really passive-aggressive and unpleasant, made worse by fact that I was stuck with them. Similar to the presence of GlaDOS, so I guess I should thank them for making my experience authentic!

        The other times, the random match-ups were great, either people at the same level, or patient people who sat in the background as I figured the puzzles out for the 1st time.

        Given Sturgeon’s law and all, maybe it’s a bit too much to expect such a positive experience being had by many other people.

    • i had a good experience with co-op, played day 1 and me and the random were first timers, made it much easier to enjoy

    • Pretty much what Lazarus said.

      Of the 5 or so times I tried online co op, half of them disconnected immediately after being matched (I assume because they were almost finished while I had only just started) and the rest attempted one or two levels with me before leaving, but the lack of communication (without voice chat) makes it a lot harder than it needs to be.

      I’ll just wait until I can find a friend to do splitscreen with me. xD

    • I do it for a few reasons. Some games I don’t finish because I get the strange feeling that if I finish it, that’s it for the game and I get kinda sad. Others are usually because something stops me from playing the game for a while and when I come back to it, I’ve got no idea what I’m doing. Others, again if I don’t play it for a while and come back to it, I just don’t have the motivation for finishing it anymore.

      Having said all of that, I have finished Portal 2. That’s mainly because I do tend to finish most games I’ve bought for the PC. Not so for the consoles.

  • It took me ages to finish the single player campaign. My husband and I finished Co-Op together almost right away, though. SO much fun (and cause of marital strife!) But I wouldn’t do it with a random jerk.

    Anyway, most of the reason it took me so long to finish is that my playtime of Portal is limited up till whenever I start to get motion sickness. 🙂

  • man, i must of finished SP and coop within the first week of playing, due to the fact that i couldn’t partake in any social interaction of any kind until i did, less something spoils everything.

  • Finished the single player once, and the coop 3 times (with 3 diff friends) within 2 weeks of having it I think. Haven’t played much since though.

  • Well I’m almost at the end… I would have finished it, but my kids were so caught up in the story that they’ve asked me go go back and play the last couple of hours so they can see the bits they’ve missed.

    And we’ve started top co-op.
    It’s fun, but there’s no driving story (so far anyway) that demands that be finish it.

  • I’m still waiting for my best friend to buy the game so we can do the coop together, with neither of us knowing the solutions before the other.

  • I got all of the 360 achievements within (i think ) 2 or 3 weeks. I played single player right away, and played co-op when my friend came over. I beat single player first. The last achievement I had to get was the “Still Alive” one. That was annoying, but easy to do if you had a good team mate to help you with it.

  • Never touched co-op. It’s a stupid idea and I have absolutely no interest.

    I finished the single player, but I can’t see myself going through again for any reason.

  • I finished Campaign and am planning to do the Coop with a mate within the coming weeks.

    Though we had a funny little error when it first loaded up: We were controlling the same character. It was coop, but we were both controlling Atlas at the same time so we gave it a quick restart.

  • That is a suprise, I powered through the campaign so that I could play co-op asap! Was finished the whole thing in under a week at least

  • Eh, what?! I never fail to be amazed by people not appreciating a great game to it’s fullest. I finished both the single player and co-op within a week of owning it (xbox version…)

  • I don’t wanna even try co-op with a stranger with this game… So I’m forced to wait until one of my friends is actually up for it. Which hasn’t happened yet 😛

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