The Stunning Video Game Art Of Thierry Doizon

Thierry "BARONTiERi" Doizon is something of a legend in the world of video game concept art, having been in the business since 1995.

In that time, he's worked for companies like Ubisoft, Eidos and Acclaim, while contributing to series and games such as Assassin's Creed, Prince of Persia and Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

In addition to his game work, he also provided concept art for last year's Tron Legacy movie from Disney.

BARONTiERi is also part of a group of artists known as Steambot Studios, along with another artist we've featured on Fine Art before, Nicolas Ferrand.

You can check out more of BARONTiERi's work on his personal site, linked below.


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    I must be the only person who liked Prince of Persia 2008, purely because of the incredible art style and colour used.

    +1, I also enjoyed it. The art style was fantastic :)

    Nah you're not alone, there are 2 of us!

    make that 4, i loved the game art style was and still is brilliant and gameplay was fun and new

    3 of us... to the point that the Epilogue sucked and there needs to be a proper sequel to the game, there was no real resolution!!!

    I need closure!!!

    As if I needed to be reminded that there's still no sequel to the amazing 2008 Prince of Persia. :(

    I want a sequel too! :(

    Ahahaha Epilogue was shit, but I loved the main game.

    Except for the ending.

    Because it made me buy Epilogue.

    Which was shit.

    But I really want a sequel!!! =(

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