The Taxidermy Art Of Super Mario Bros

The Mushroom Kingdom has just made its way into the real world thanks to artist Darick Maasen. He created this custom Koopa Paratroopa Trophy for the August 11th "SUPER IAM8BIT" show in Los Angeles.

- 15.5 x 7 x 7 inches (9 inches with wings) - Antique Taxidermied Turtle, Chicken Wings, Wire, and Acrylic

Koopa Paratroopa Trophy by Darick Maasen (Facebook) (Twitter)

Photo taken by Skye Enyeart-Rust.

[via darickmaasen]

Need your daily fill of geek eye candy? If so, head over to Justin Page's Rampaged Reality and get your fix. Republished with permission.


    That is so cool and yet so creepy.

    I want to jump on it.

    He used an antique taxidermied turtle? That can't be cheap. It can't be as much as other old things, but still, it must have some value. Does anyone here know how much antiques taxidermied animals cost?

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