The Time Of Year When Steam Gives You Lots Of Game For Little Money

Steam's annual sale begins today and runs until July 10. These tend to be good - and you can also unlock achievements in games that can also net you prizes. Check it out! [Steam Store]


    Todays deals include:

    Some examples of these achviements are:

    Last year's best deals inlcuded:

    More sloppy, one line kotaku journalism FTL :(

      I'm usually pretty tolerant of things like this, simple short articles or articles that don't necessarily have much bearing on anything. But I think in this case I have to agree with you, there is more information that could have been given but just isn't.

      Kotaku US didn't have enough time to copy the list of the daily deals and achievements from Reddit or RPS.

    Except EA, EA is screwing people over by not having discounts on their games, and jacking up prices like Shift 2 which is now $109

    I should probably uninstall Steam until this is over, for the sake of my pile of shame that is already big enough.

      That's the great thing about digital distribution - there's no pile! And no pile means no shame! It's all just a virtual pile of virtual shame.

      Gotta collect em all!

      Lucky my bank balance is near zero to save me this time.

    I was a bit surprised that Valve is doing some discrimination. Valve complete pack on US steam = $50. Valve complete pack on AU steam = not there :(

    Not like I don't have most of the games anyway, but it's kinda weird and sucky.

      It got pulled over a year ago =/

      I think the pulling of the complete Valve pack for us Aussies is due to the need to have to allow for L4D2 special Aussie crippled edition.


    Goodbye weekend!


    The Time Of Year When Steam Makes You Beg Your Friends For Gifts.



    I already have enough of a game backlog lol.

    Sweet, I'll just hop onto Steam and get myself a digital copy of Crysis Twoooooooohhhhhh.... waaiiitt a minute.... :-P

    But seriously I hate that these happen after I've used my game/movie money for a pay period... gotta wait a week before I can actually get anything. *sigh* I must steel myself to the temptations...

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