The Walking Dead Season 2 Ditches Atlanta And Perhaps Hope

The Walking Dead Season 2 Ditches Atlanta And Perhaps Hope
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In case you forgot why you were so anxious to continue watching The Walking Dead when it ended last season, here’s a stark, brutal reminder.

Don’t worry, you only have to hold your breath until October.


    • No it doesn’t. the CDC part was the worst part of the series because it didn’t follow the comics. Like jesus look at game of thrones followed the books very well and it was so good…..

      • And yet it rated so wetland, being one of AMCs highest rating shows and overall was critically acclaimed…

        Btw, GoT was a far safer show to adapt. A tv show about the zombie apocalypse, with that level gore, do some research on the troubles they had just getting the pilot made.

  • I just loathed TWD by the end of season 1. Episode 1 was great, but by the end it was physically painful to sit through. How did a such a great story turn into terrible montages of overly attractive blasé survivors and talking computers in exploding buildings?

    • I whole heartedly disagree. It was perfect and they did an amazing job. If you have sand in your vagina because it didnt follow the comic… GTFOVER IT. Appreciate they did a great story, even if they made it their own. A good story is a good story!

      What about the end was painful to sit through?

      • Never seen or read a page of the comic.

        Oh god where to start. The whole lame wife as a test subject idea, silly love triangles to broaden the audience appeal, terribly lame facilities and supercomputers. (Also every single one of them would have been completely messed up being anywhere near that close to an explosion of that size). Episode one was brilliant, by episode 6 it just felt like Lost with zombies.

  • The show was so different I loved it being female I thought it would be to much not the case I love it yea your right oct a long way to go but looking forward to season 2

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