The World Of Deus Ex: Human Revolution Is More Than Just Yellow Lighting

In this behind-the-scenes video for Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the Eidos Montreal development explores the world festering beneath the glow of amber lights, where humanity is in danger of losing itself and freedom fighters struggle to protect the last bastions of green lighting effects.


    "We didn't want it to be a sci-fi universe". Seriously, wtf? Right.. Cyber-punk without the sci-fi...

    The more information I find out about this game the less I am inclined to want to play it. Unless someone can somehow wipe all my memories of the original so I won't keep comparing them.

    This is going to be to Deus Ex what DNF was to Duke 3D... except with more yellow.

      i think he meant they wanted things to be able to be explained by science and technology, not just have a magic wand that gets waved to explain why X does something or how Y works.

      they had the same modus operandi in battlestar galactica

        well, except for Starbuck... ;-)

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