The World's Angriest Man Plays The World's Most Frustrating Game

Today I emailed FatShady's incredible in-depth look at the Trials HD riddle to my friends. Adam Mathew over at Game Informer emailed me this video back with the words: "This dude sums up my feelings on Trials HD."

Be wary - this thing is riddled with um... unsavoury language!


    HAHAHAHAHA this is exactly how i felt playing this game..... my poor controller.

    God I love Rage Quit. Every week LtMkilla makes me laugh so hard.

    Lol that was classic


    Gotta love LtMkilla, his CoD videos are classic!

    MOON SHOES!!!!!

    Love this dude, and can totally understand his frustration :P

    "And he just bounces all over the place like the goddamned bastard is wearing moonshoes! moonshoes! MOONSHOES! THEY'RE FUCKING ANTI GRAVITY SHOES!"

    I laughed so hard.

    That was so funny! Could not stop laughing at him ranting. Never played the game but has convinced me to give it a shot!

    And a video from 6 months ago makes its way to kotaku...

      And some random guy bitches on the internet...

      Cos you know, none of us have seen that before either.

    "Everytime i make it. . it's like a gift from God"

    I have tears in my eyes. Hilarious.

    I laughed my ass off - pure gold!

    I only have trials 2 on steam, but I think this sums up my experience nicely :D

    So many sweet and sour times with this game.

    Good: having one single solitary track that no one in the office can beat my time at.

    Less than good: spending twenty agonising minutes getting close to the end of the last Extreme track only to hand Serrels the controller for a turn and he hits "restart from level start" instead of "restart from last checkpoint".

    These are the gaming memories one never forgets.

    Hahahaha. Can I ask, and I don't mean this at a brag or an insult or anything - is this guy exaggerating how bad he is at the game? Or do people find this game really that hard? I mean, it's a tough game for sure, but it's pretty easy to get the hang off and do manouvers.

    I always thought the difficulty of the game was trying to finish levels fast and with no faults... not trying to get up hills.

    But, I lold either way.


    "I don't know why I lack the necessary skills to go forward"

    I've enjoyed what little I played of this game, but for some reason I suck at it!!

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