The Zelda Game Of My Dreams

Reddit user thepixelartist, who is a "professional 3D artist" by trade, has taken the raw game files included with The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker and turned them into something so glorious I'm getting dizzy just looking at them.

Inspired by user 50CALBR's earlier efforts, he's got the game's Outset Island looking absolutely stunning, and in some shots has also replaced the game's water and foliage with stuff that's a little more photogenic.

I'm not sure the game's original creative vision needed those latter changes, but the overall sensation of seeing this in such a high definition blows even the experience of playing Wind Waker via Dolphin, ahem, out of the water.

Disclaimer: Wind Waker is my single favourite video game of all time.

Wind Waker - Rendered Photoreal [Reddit]


    how come the forest on top of the island was downgraded from the first pic?, it looks like cardboard

    Follow the external link. It explains all.

    I haven't played Wind Waker because I don't have a GameCube, but I have been looking at video walkthroughs on youtube... and I have to say, the graphics are very, very pretty. I always prefer a great cell-shaded graphics rather than a half-arsed realistic ones :)

    Windwaker is also my fav:) so good? Sooo good!

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