There And Back Again, A Minecraft Story

The team behind Minecraft Middle Earth is building, on a reduced scale, the land of Middle Earth from Lord of the Rings. If you think that's bananas, this walkthrough video above goes for half an hour and only covers the journey from The Shire to the Mines of Moria.

LotR fans will know that, well, that's not very far.

It's a fascinating exercise in volunteer labour, so to see how it's being done (or if you want to help out), check out the link below.

Minecraft Middle-Earth [MME, thanks MtlAngelus!]


    So where is the half an hour video? Even on the site I could only find a 2 minute one, unless I missed something o.o

      Look around on youtube, a guy put one up recently.
    try that youtube link, shows some fantastic work that has been done

      Wow, just wow. That was damn impressive.

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