There Are No Words To Describe Cross-Platform Mobile Scrabble

Scrabble fans might want to sit down before reading this news. During EA's live summer preview event, EA Mobile demonstrated a live round of Scrabble played across four different platforms: iPad, iPhone, Android and Facebook. You're probably floored right now. Catch your breath and read on.

Kicking off with next week's release of the free Scrabble app for the Android platform, players across four different mobile platforms (or three mobile platforms and a social network) will be able to join together for a round of everyone's favourite word game (aside from Words with Friends).

The whole shebang is powered by EA's Origin service, the company's answer to everyone else's answer to Xbox Live.

Imagine all of us coming together, whether we're rocking an iPod, on the toilet with our iPhone, earning money at a good job with our Android phone, or simply rocking back and forth crying in front of Facebook. A cross-platform Scrabble experience like this could change the world.

Though probably not.


    Little bit late - could always bring it to WP7 though, it doesn't have Words with Friends already...

      WP7 has 'Words by Post' which is the same thing.

    Words With Friends already does cross-platform Scrabble?

      Someones sarcasm detector is malfunctioning.

      Scrabble purists won't play Words With Friends, the board is different to the official Scrabble board.

    Ha! revolutionary!

    EA pioneering the industry again.

    Everyone is missing the point, it's SCRABBLE!!!

    Words With Friends is just a phony knock off, this shit is the real deal, the original board game classic! Sif not be excited about brand names!


    Apple get away with releasing something that already exists as revolutionary why can't EA do the same thing? :p

    I don't think iPad and iPhone can be counted as different things... They use the same OS, there for, they are the same.

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