These Dragon's Dogma Screens Will Slay Your Eyes

Dragon's Dogma might be a stupid title, but the game is a stunner. Slated for a 2012 release, it's an action game that Capcom game designer Hideaki Itsuno has wanted to make for years.

As Kotaku previously reported, Dragon's Dogma's top creators call it "the greatest action game we've ever made" and "the type of game I've been wanting to make since I was in junior high".

The game is rumoured to be the most expensive title Capcom's ever made.


    What's wrong with the Dragon's Dogma title?

      Simply put, it sounds silly?

        No where near as bad as Final Fantasy Nova Crysalis Duedecum Somethingorather XII.

    So is it an action-RPG or purely hack and slash?

    -will it release on PC?!-

    I must know. Me and all my friends would play together if this is put up on Steam!

    Is this one of those German games like Gothic that look cool in the screen shots but when you play them they are just okay....

    Are these actual in-game screenshots or just artwork? They look amazing.

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