These GTA Screenshots Are Incredible

"Interesting thing, this iCEnhancer version of the ENB mod," reads the post on video game art site Dead End Thrills. It’s an aggressive, almost violent attempt at photorealism."

You have to check out some of the screenshots/virtual photography being done via these new GTAIV mods. They look incredible.

Head to Dead End Thrills for more, including some incredible virtual photographs taken using other games.


    who needs a ps4...

    Funny how GTAIV with a couple of mods, an open world game, manages to look better than Crysis 2, a linear game, in some situations pre-patch.

      That's because Crysis 2 was developed for consoles, which are an old technology, whilst this is a PC mod. There are parts of Crysis that look better than Crysis 2, and that's a four year old game.

    Dat game looks good.

      Dat Ass.

    Oh yeah... just bought GTA IV complete pack off the steam summer camp sale for $10, in my book thats a good deal.

    Is this PC based or console?

      GTA 4 is both, this mod is PC though, don't think consoles would be able to handle the high texture resolution, just a fact, not starting a flame war

    Wow! Would love to see some Just Cause 2 shots....

    Stunning. I love LC.

    um what?

    the first screenshot looks great, the texture and detail along with the lighting/shadow makes it look great. this combined with the relative distance on everything means we cant see all this realism break down up-close. but the last 3? you have to be kidding me. gtaIV still looks amazing to this day but lowering the cameras focal length and a bit of colour grading doesnt sell this at all.

    @Todd. its on PC mate, no mods available (or any way to make them ever available sans rockstar releasing it as a dlc) on console.

    @Wade. have you seen crysis 2 with the directx 11 patch?

    I find it so funny that because its said by a journalist - the flock with follow in agreeance.

    hell, even on the site its labelled as 'real time art' even though after rendering the size is reduced and gone through two passes of anti-aliasing. thats not realtime. thats post effects.

    i don't mean to sound entitled mark your posts are normally very good and its a cool enough site - taking hundreds of artists hard-earned works, throwing some after-thought spit shine on them and claiming them as your own because you 'held the camera'... so to speak.
    but incredible?

    its cool to like stuff but abit of perspective please?

      Yes I have played Crysis 2 with the DX11 patch. This morning actually paired with the hi-res texture pack.

      It looks nice, I admit but.. it's just not Crysis. It still doesn't look as nice as Crysis and I can't put my finger on why.

      The water still looks average, some textures are still pretty bad (especially trees and foliage) and some of the effects are a bit much. Like the reflections on the cars.. it makes them look like plastic.

      There are some parts that look amazing though. Anywhere set at night in the city looks great, especially the reflections. Almost CG like in motion.

        It's a bit of a mystery as to why the cryengine 3 just doesn't live up to the spectacle of the cryengine 2. I do like the fact that my PC isn't chugging on the highest settings, but to be truly honest, I think they took out too much of what made the original Crysis special.

    And this is why the PC crowd whinges that consoles hold things back.

    Stuff might not always look this spectacular, and might not run awesome like that but the fact is that we aren't locked into an arbitary set of system specs that in order to make the game look better further in the life time means more and more sacrifices are made in terms of frame rate,resolution and AA

      Yes Alinos but as someone who is in the business I can assure you that we absolutely LOVE being locked into developing for 'arbitrary system specs'. It allows us to make design decisions and stick to them, and be confident about creating experiences (be it graphical, AI or anything else) that run the same way and look the same every time for everyone. It also forces us to be more creative.

      Further, I don't see higher frame rate, more antialiasing, parallax mapping, coloured ambient occlusion and all the rest of the graphical enhancement mumbo jumbo as being very important at all as far as the direction games need to go. They are things that matter more to a small niche of people that are interested in upgrading their computers and making specific parts of their great looking games 10% greater.

    Meh. not even close to photo realism.

    I love it how people are talking about how this craps all over the crisis engine, but where are the videos?

    I bet the frame rate at this quality isn't even in double digits.

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