This 3DS Box Art Just Got Ugly

This 3DS Box Art Just Got Ugly

The box art for 3DS game Nintendogs + Cats looks similar to the box art for Nintendogs. Make that looked.

According to Japanese website Famicom Plaza, Nintendo said that the change was made to differentiate the two games. Some gamers might have trouble discerning which version is which. All three versions of Nintendo + Cats have new box art.

New, horrible looking box art. In an effort to differentiate something, Nintendo has made the game’s box art looks worse.

(0630)[(3DS)nintendogs+cats] 新しいパッケージになったのは間違いを防ぐため? – ファミコンプラザゲーム最新情報ページ [ファミコンプラザゲーム最新情報ページ]


  • What were they thinking? The new box art is atrocious! How can people get the old game confused when they have different names? Sounds like a really awful excuse to make terrible new covers. Oh well, I still have my nice looking cover for Golden Retriever + New Friends.

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