This Driver Video Does A Poor Job Of Explaining Why Multiplayer Is Awesome...

But you should still watch it anyway, if only to cringe each and every single time the voiceover pronounces 'multiplayer' as 'mult-i-player'. I had a lot of fun with Driver: San Francisco's online modes, and while this vid somehow manages to suck all the fun out of things it's still worth watching just to get a visual idea of how it all works.


    What's wrong with his pronunciation of multiplayer?

    I think you're just jealous of that smooth sexy voice he has.

      Smooth and sexy? Well that's relative.

      Compared to Julia Gillard, than yes.

      Compared to the gravel toned 60 Minutes songstress Peter Harvey, than no.

        Oh cmon, the man's voice is pure 70's blacksploitation. What's not to love?

        By "than" should we assume you mean "then"?

        Or is that also relative...

          Come on dude, it's friday afternoon...

    yeah he doesnt seem to into it =/

    Nearly as much fun as Dirt 3 - Transporter multiplayer, now that is epic!

    I think they've gone down the wrong path with the whole teleport/ shifting/ spawning thing.

    Not my cup of tea. And considering the career mode employs the use of this (given mult-eye-player has it as an option) won't be on my to get list which is a shame. I've liked every other Driver before now...

      I'm pretty much in agreement with you, except for the last part. I've not been much a fan of Driver.

    Im sorry but this game is not going to do well.

    You heard it here first.

    One reason? "Shift"

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