This Is What A Zombie-Killing Cheerleader Looks Like

Yesterday, it was revealed that Goichi Suda of No More Heroes fame is working on a new game called Lollipop Chainsaw. It's about an 18-year-old cheerleader who kills zombies, so it's less rah-rah and more slice-slice.

The first images of the game were blurry magazine shots. These images are much better!

Lollipop Chainsaw looks to be in line with No More Heroes' poppy, yet violent vibe. This game seems to amp up the cute, though. Glittery hearts and a zombie-slaying Valley Girl? Sure, why not.

『LOLLIPOP CHAINSAW(ロリポップチェーンソー)』須田剛一氏が贈る猛毒ゾンビ青春アクション! [ファミ通.com]


    Faaaan serrrrvice!

    Stop publicising this crap so much - it's only kneecapping the R18+ campaign yet one more time.

    San Romero High School. I see what you did there...

    when can I preorder...

    If I ever meet Suda51 I'm gonna give him the most earnest and sincere high-five that I have ever participated in. He's a weird guy, but in a good 'makes me smile' kind of way.

    truly the world would be a lot less interesting without Suda51's twisted mind, and it looks like a return to form after Shadows of the Damned

    Hmm, not sure if I would prefer this over Oneechanbara just yet. Needs a trailer so I can further peruse those... highlights.

    Give me Garcia Hotspur as an unlockable character and you got yourself a deal.

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