This Is Your Final Free Dose Of Red Dead Redemption DLC

Rockstar puts a name and a date of the final free instalment of downloadable content for its award-winning western, Red Dead Redemption.

We knew Rockstar planned one last batch of downloadable content for Red Dead, but we didn't know that it was called the Myths and Mavericks Bonus Pack, nor did we know it was coming to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in September. We were aware it would feature fan-favorite playable multiplayer characters (including that feller up thar), but we weren't sure if there'd be new locations for the game's online multiplayer modes. There are.

And that's pretty much all there is to know. Now all we can do is kick back on the porch and wait for September to bring one last rodeo before Red Dead Redemption rides off into the sunset.


    :'( is it really gonna be over?

    That there is a great game.

    Any SP content?

    It ended rather abruptly, and didn't feel justified. Could have been a little bit more broad in the range of missions there were. Exploration in my view really wasn't rewarded enough, just ride around on a horse. Oh look, a man... Let's talk.

    I was kinda hoping for one last single player campaign kinda like Undead Nightmare was. Maybe a prequel story telling Johns backstory or something? Maybe an alternate tale where you're hunting John? What about something less serious, where you're an alien stuck in the wild west? Just something... :(

    Glad it's free. Glad there's more
    DLC. Not glad it's the last DLC :( I love me some Red Dead.

    Red Dead for me, is up there with the classics such as OoT.

      May be my favourite game in the last three or four years.

        Then you haven't played Batman have you Mark? haha.

    They really should have just gave up on the MP DLC and given us more SP content. That was where all the good stuff was at.

    Lame. MP for RDR was a huge let down, in Aus at least. I can count the times I managed to connect to a server successfully, with players in it from Aus, on one hand.

    I could see the fun in the RDR online component, but for me the singleplayer made the game. I was really hoping for some expansions/DLC ala GTA 4's Lost & The Damned/Ballad of Gay Tony.

    I was really hoping to see RDR episodes like they had for GTA4. Oh well, Red Dead I adore you and await your sequel.

    Man, BEST SUPPORTED GAME since Mass Effect 1 and 2!

    Tis a sad day. Great game this is.

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