This Is Your First Look At The Ace Attorney Movie

Yep. That's it. A tiny pic taken from someone's terrible mobile phone camera. Still, good to see that it looks as though they're going down the camp route, as opposed to taking it all too seriously. I think...

Via Andriasang


    Don't care, just give us Ace Attorney Investigations 2!!

      Agreed. Oh and would you kindly bring release trials and tribulations? Because it kind of skipped Australia.

        I gave up waiting and got the Japanese value version - despite being available in Japan, it came with both Japanese and English translations.

        i got T+T at EB games. to be honest i was hoping for an anime rather then live action, or an announcement that professor layton vs Ace attorney was being localized

    I can juuuust make out the judge up there. I dunno, I just can't see this working.

    I always thought Ace Attorney would make an awesome western-style Saturday morning cartoon. But even mild, non-glorified murder would be a little too much for THE CHILDREN.

      A slightly more serious version of Harvey Birdman.

    you know what would be better? An anime

      I was thinking the exact same thing. Why live action? Anime would be great.

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