This Isn't Bullet Hell. It's An Adventure Game.

Cave is famous for its bullet hell shooters. Not every game Cave makes is a shmup, but those games are what made Cave, well, Cave. And the Tokyo-based game maker's latest title certainly isn't a shooter.

Dubbed Instant Brain, it's an adventure game for the Xbox 360 - Cave's first.

As the Japanese internet is quick to point out, the game features character design from erotic illustrator Kamiri Iruma and music from erotic game music composer Ryu Umemoto. To be fair, Umemoto composed the soundtrack to Cave's last big arcade shooter Akai Katana.

Check out Instant Brain's opening movie below. Good to see Cave branching out.

ケイブ初のADV「INSTANT BRAIN」のオープニングアニメーションを4GamerにUp。ストーリー&登場キャラクターの情報も到着(INSTANT BRAIN) [4Gamer]


    Loving the OP music here. Might cover it.
    Apart from that, I'd actually like to see how this shapes up.
    Might be something to add to my list of JP games to buy... Though that's a little harder with the 360.

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