This Man Spent Over A Month Of His Life Completing A Video Game

This Man Spent Over A Month Of His Life Completing A Video Game

It usually takes some kind of achievement or trophy you can show off to your friends to compel people to 100% complete a video game. For Steve Tolin, however, all it took was the pursuit of true completion.

That and 773 hours of his life.

Tolin has completed 100% of Dragon Quest IX’s content, the DS game wrung bone dry in pursuit of completed post-game challenges and items like the infinity trousers.

In a neat touch, after completing quest 184, a congratulatory message from Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii appears.

You can read an interview with Tolin at Tiny Cartridge, linked below.

Tiny Q&A: Dragon Quest IX 100 percenter Steve Tolin [Tiny Cartridge]


  • Wow, he certainly got value for money.

    Unfortunately I never finished Dragon Quest IX. I was having fun until I got to a point (which happens in a lot of RPGs) where I feel like I’ve had my fill and start to lose interest.

    I really like the start of RPGs. Learning all the basics and upgrading skills/weapons/etc is fun. But then once I get pretty good mid-level gear and can defeat a few things easily, I start to lose interest. 😛

    • I know exactly what you mean. There are quite a few RPG’s on my list where I’ve done the same thing several times, only finishing the game on the 3rd or even 4th attempt.

      It also happens sometimes with God-games or empire/city simulators. I played sim city 2000 for a while but never got to the point where I could say I’d finished it. It just got boring.

      I’ve recently picked up Caesar 3 from, as that was another game I’d left in the lurch a few years ago.

      I have to say though, while the gameplay in that game has aged reasonably well, the animations certainly have not.

  • I 100% completed GTA:3, GTA:Vice City, GTA: San Andreas. I reckon those would have taken a fair chunk of my life and I enjoyed every minute of it.

    But a Japanese RPG?? No thanks. They never held my attention long enough and all those cutesy characters really sh!t me.

    But gratz Steve Tolin. 100% a game is always a good feeling, whatever game it is.

  • but how many times did he fall asleep with the DS on his face/stomach? that’ll add the hours up real fast 😛

  • I’ve put in over 800 hours on a few titles.

    I think FarCry2 and Forza3 both clocked up over 3000 hours each though =P

  • I’ll do this someday too! I’m currently just over 100 hours in and just recently finished the main story. The amount of things to do are just ridiculous. There’s an accolade you can get for playing 2500 hours.

  • Oblivion 360+ hours
    BFBC2 378 hours
    Call of Duty MW 420 hours
    FF8 470 hours
    counter strike 2500+ hours
    World of Warcraft… no idea lets round it off at 12 months of logged in time give or take a few days.

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