This Pac-Man Swimsuit Makes Very Little Sense

Look, I have no problems with this Pac-Man swimsuit - no problems at all. My question is - how the hell is this model going to go swimming wearing those boots?

I want a pair of Pac-Man speedos. Someone please make this happen.

[Via Gizmodo]


    For deep-sea hiking?

      I'd go deep sea hiking on those legs

      Jeff Buckley approves.

    ahh thats black milk clothing. you should see their C3PO and R2 D2 body suits.

    That is HOT! :D

    Also, i saw a pair of speedos that made your junk look like a cheeseburger...


      Hmmm... did it have a gherkin that nobody wants?

        I've always had the gherkin nobody wants. =(


    I love "Ain't no rest for the wicked" so much, perfect choice for this game.

      Opps, that was on compelty the wrong article.

    Well she is simply wearing her boobs as they we're given to her and they are not so big that they would cause problems while swimming as you are suggesting like she would be fighting with some in-built time please get you mammary-facts straight before making some ridiculous comments about....oh you said boots!

    I'd eat pills off of those curves.

    There are boots? I don't think I got that far down.


    This is no time for sense!!!

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