This Source Mod Brings Team Fortress 2 And Zelda Together!

This Source Mod Brings Team Fortress 2 And Zelda Together!

Team Fortress 2. The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. When their powers combine you get this – a pixel perfect remake of ClockTown in Source.

One of the YouTube comments begs the creator to make this a proper Team Fortress 2 map. I echo those sentiments.


  • Next from Valve: “The Zelda Update!”
    – Hyrulian Shield for Demoman
    – Deku Nuts for Scout
    – Faerie in a Bottle for Medic
    – Din’s Fire for Pyro

    etc; I never played Zelda, so this is hard 😛

  • I hope players start using these for servers. Already you can do maps with Kakariko from A Link to the Past and a Mario Kart race track, I hope this gets used.

  • I wounder if they are plaing to do anything more with it…. I mean, Zelda:MM:Source would be cool.

  • Kinda reminds me of the Ocarina of Time Mod that a bunch of people were making for HALO: CE

    Last time I looked at it was a couple years back but they were doing a pretty great job at recreating Hyrule Field and Epona and whatnot 🙂

    • Also, nothing annoys me more than watching a video some guy made and he starts wigging out and getting impatient and flipping his mouse all over the place… thus reducing the video to a meaningless blur of color and motion.

      Next time, go easy on the Red Bull there, champ. 😛

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