This Source Mod Brings Team Fortress 2 And Zelda Together!

Team Fortress 2. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. When their powers combine you get this - a pixel perfect remake of ClockTown in Source.

One of the YouTube comments begs the creator to make this a proper Team Fortress 2 map. I echo those sentiments.


    Next from Valve: "The Zelda Update!"
    - Hyrulian Shield for Demoman
    - Deku Nuts for Scout
    - Faerie in a Bottle for Medic
    - Din's Fire for Pyro

    etc; I never played Zelda, so this is hard :P

      I'm impressed.
      The only Zelda I've played is Twilight Princess, so I can definitely sympathise.

      Kokiri sword for the Spy, sniper already has a bow, mirror shield for the heavy, bombchu for soldier, Eye of Truth for engineer (take that spies!).

        Boomerang for the sniper?

          the sniper is already stereotypical to aussies enough, y would u want to make it worse???

    Fantastic! I loved seeing all the areas of clock town actually attached to each other :D

    They've done an amazing job recreating it perfectly.

    this would be so much fun to play saxton hale on....

    I hope players start using these for servers. Already you can do maps with Kakariko from A Link to the Past and a Mario Kart race track, I hope this gets used.


    I wounder if they are plaing to do anything more with it.... I mean, Zelda:MM:Source would be cool.

    Haha, it actually feels really weird not having to wait for it to load between parts of the town.

    Kinda reminds me of the Ocarina of Time Mod that a bunch of people were making for HALO: CE

    Last time I looked at it was a couple years back but they were doing a pretty great job at recreating Hyrule Field and Epona and whatnot :)

      Also, nothing annoys me more than watching a video some guy made and he starts wigging out and getting impatient and flipping his mouse all over the place... thus reducing the video to a meaningless blur of color and motion.

      Next time, go easy on the Red Bull there, champ. :-P

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