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There's a reason why July is the perfect month to get involved in some shameless gaming - there is a minimal amount of games coming out, and barely any are worth writing home about. Last week the situation was so grim I didn't even bother listing them. This week? It's a small improvement. But barely.

Captain America: Super Soldier (360/PS3) What is it? Super hero game. Based on a movie. Should you care? I hate to judge a book by its cover - but look at the above description and let mathematics do the rest!

Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3(360/PS3) What is it? This is the game where you hit buttons a lot and that's pretty much it. Should you care? Look - I get that this game has its loyal fanbase, but I'm not part of that fanbase. This game bores me to tears.

UFC Personal Trainer (Wii) What is it? Arguably the best fitness game on Kinect, now on the Wii. Should you care? I think the Kinect one is pretty cool actually. Not seen the Wii one in action sadly, which makes me a little bit suspicious.


    To be fair, the wolverine origins game was better than the movie.
    But you're right, superhero movie adaptions have a bad track record.

      This is possibly because they completely removed it from the movie. It had gore, swearing, dismemberment... everything a wolverine game needed. The Wolverine movie was like being teabagged by a leper and him leaving one ball behind.

    If you have a Wii and not an Xbox with Kinect, then you should defiantly get UFC trainer. Fantastic fitness program.

    Looking forward to a Gundam enthusiest walking into my store asking for it and me happily telling them we dont stock it.

    Then trying to explain why then do we have enough copies of UFC trainer to get most of Melbourne MMA fit.

    The wonders of working in a games store....

      Holy shit!
      I also work in a games store in Melbourne.

        Then you can understand.... they should of just made a GUNDAM trainer 'better with kinect'

    Haha! Yeah, I can see that coming off well~! Japanese military uses unmanned robots, Microsoft says sales of Kinect in Japan go through the roof!

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