This Xbox 360 DVD Changer Makes Your Lazy Slob Dreams Come True

Many a time I've sat on my couch, in my underpants, covered in Pringles, lamenting the fact that I have to actually use my legs in order to go over to my Xbox 360 and switch discs to play games. Thankfully, mega-modder Ben Heck has the solution.

It's a pretty incredible device. You can't buy one (yet) but apparently element14 is giving one away.

Let the slobbening commence.

A Real Game Changer [Revision3]

Thanks Joystiq


    I can't really imagine the comfort of playing games in your underwear. If it's too hot, you become sweaty and you stick to your couch or your underwear sticks to your crown jewels. If it is too cold, then you will just die of pneumonia.

    This changes Everything!*

    *Everything limited to any CD, DVD or game playable on the Xbox 360.

    I wonder if ben heck could create a lazy slob news feed copyer that imports news feeds from joystiq and rewords them on kotaku.


    That was cool, his hear was extremely distracting for me though.

    No lazy slob is going to go to that kind of effort. DER.

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