Too Many Shooters Would Make Nintendo Sad

Looking at the company's back catalogue, and the fact it had to get an American studio in to do a first-person Metroid series, it's clear Nintendo is not a big believer in the West's genre of choice.

A point Nintendo president Satoru Iwata addressed during a recent investor Q&A session in Japan. While acknowledging that 80% of Nintendo's business now comes from outside Japan, he also doesn't seem like much of a fan of the first-person shooter genre, currently led by the likes of Call of Duty and Halo.

"Currently, in the western countries especially, war-themed gun-shooting games, which are not well-received in Japan, are very popular", he said. "It is a reality that some of these games sell 10 million units per year in those markets, and this is one valid type of video game genre. I would personally feel sad if all video games became something like that, but on the other hand, I do not think such games should disappear."

You won't find a more telling example of the gulf in difference between the two biggest companies in gaming than that. Too many shooters would make Nintendo sad. Too many shooters would make Activision, well, glad!

The 71st Annual General Meeting of Shareholders Q&A [Nintendo]

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    Mark, can you at least take these articles and expand on them? You have the proven ability to take information obtained from an interview that you weren't a part of and make a proper, thought-provoking article out of it. Can you either do the same with these pointless US ones or just not post them altogether?

    At the very least contact the KotakuUS crew and say;

    We get it, shared his/her views on . But instead of just posting that, how about expanding on it with more examples of the situation and such as well as posing questions to the community on the matter.

      Stupid comments section taking things as code...

      We get it, [important game industry person] shared his/her views on [gaming industry matter]. But instead of just posting that, how about expanding on it with more examples of the situation and such as we

      Sometimes it's just good to get the news.

      Thanks mate. It looks like ANYONE can write an article when it comes to US Kotaku. Hell, I'll quit my job and do this, looks like a piece of cake.

    It's the difference between Australian Journalism and American Journalism, I'd say. But we're getting closer to American-style every day, especially in the papers :(

    You can criticize FPS's all you want, but there are some awesome games out there in the genre. HL2, Portal 1 and 2, Left 4 Dead 2, and even Modern Warfare 1 was a polished and exciting game.

      I call Portal a first person puzzler.

      But yeah, you're right.

      He's not saying FPS is bad, only that it shouldn't be the be-all and end-all.
      FPS platformers struggle, with some notable exceptions they rely on cut scenes to tell the story.
      I'd be pretty sad, too, if every game was done from first person perspective.
      Honsetly can't imagine a halfway decent RTS or TBS.

    All I am getting from this argument is that they do not want to flood their market with "generic" western demographic games, but they are ok with re-releasing games from the same franchises on every new console generation... makes sense I guess.

    because releasing a new pokemon/mario or zelda game (not counting tie-ins) every two-three years for the last couple of decades years is completely different.

      If they didn't, the Platformer and Action/Adventure genres would probably drop of the face of the planet completely.

    Hey Nintendo, too many shooters make Westerners sad as well. Especially those of the dogshit/sepia-toned, space marine variety.

      Bahaha. Well said. I got a 360 just a couple of weeks ago and my first experience with GOW2. I have to say, I don't get what all the fuss is about. Sure, the cover system is quite good, but the rest? Boring graphics, bad voice acting, closet-homosexual characters? No thanks.

    The problem is the fact that publishers just don't have the balls to try something new.

    Just because the "formula" of FPS worked for some games, now everybody wants to emulate it.

    Do you guys still get shivers thinking about the new multiplayer Batman game being an FPS??? and X-com?

    some games are meant to be FPS, but I do feel sad when a game with so much potential creative-wise gets whipped by the guys who control the budget.

    Japanese guy ripping on fps/western fps'. LOL, have a look at the Japanese game market, it's been on a downward spiral since the early 2000's. Hah..........

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