Try Catherine Before You Buy, Just Like Vincent

In Catherine, Vincent tries to get a little something something for nothing, cheating on his long-time girlfriend Katherine with the evil slutcake Catherine. Atlus gives fans a little something for nothing on July 12 with a downloadable Catherine demo for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Atlus has put quite a lot of effort into hawking Catherine's inherit sexiness, but there's a lot more to the game than attractive anime women. Sheep, for instance. Sheep and climbing. Woo.

Let's just say it' hard to describe what's going on in the game through trailers and screenshots, though we've provided a gallery of the latest of each just in case. No, you've got to play the game to appreciate it, and come next week you'll get your chance. If all goes according to Atlus' plans, you'll then be picking it up when it hits the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on July 26.


    I'm getting lots of birthday presents this year. 'A Dance With Dragons' will finally be released, and now a demo for Catherine. Sounds like the makings of a great day to me!

    Is Catherine banned in Australia?

      It hasn't be submitted for rating, it's unlikely to be heading our way at this point. I've asked Mark about it in the "Ask Me Stuff"

      Worst case, an english version will be available from the US.

      @ Dark_Templar - It is retail

    Wow, that looks really interesting, different and bloody great! I just hope it doesn't get RC.

      well i dont know much about this game, but the only way this will get banned is if sex is offered as an incentive or a reward, thats why Witcher 2 was modified to be released here, that and/or if it has pornography in it, which i doubt its got.

      so far, it seems like its about as sexual as your typically raunchy but not "borderline hentai" anime series, again i dont know alot about this game, and the only thing i can relate to is that Atlus made Snowboard Kids 2 on the N64, but i am intrigued about this game tho.

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