Turn Call Of Duty Into A New Star Wars: Battlefront Game


    Awesome, been waiting for this one.
    I tried it a few months ago, but there were no servers.
    Now i just gotta find that damn copy of cod.

    And this is why people get annoyed when theres no mod tools available.

    They might take ages to produce a project they might only produce a few note worthy ones. But things like this can breathe new life into a game

    Curious that it wasn't shut down though

    Great! finally a COD game worth playing
    how many war sims have been released since '09?
    And how many times has the engine been upgraded since '09?
    Great idea but fail timing.

    Does this has bots support?

    i like cod sprinting animations

    And this just makes me sad that SW Battlefront 3 has no indication of ever being made/released :(

    That said, this is an awesome achievement. May have to grab a copy of MW just for this.

    Awesome timing, what with COD4 being on sale on Steam today!

    Finally grabbing this one.

    I've been waiting for this for a long time.
    Bought CoD 4 just for this!

    Anyone know some Australian servers hosting this mod? I can't find any :(

    yeh this shit, how is it....that there is NO australian servers hosting this, the closet ping server i found was 300ping away n you cant get connected to that. just another kickass thing gamers in australia miss out on. i did find 2 servers, but only 1 i culd connect to, and that didnt have anyone playing. tried game tracker and it cant find any, anyone having the same or better results then mine?

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