Turn Your House Into Rapture With These Awesome Posters

Artist Stefan Petit has spent the last six months working on a pet project: recreate all the posters featured on the walls of Rapture, the decaying city-state featured in 2007 shooter BioShock. He's now done!

There are dozens of images, which he's actually done in massive, print-quality sizes, though sadly (for fear of litigation) all we've got to share with you are these web-sized versions.

To see the full collection of images, head to Stefan's deviantART page, linked below.

Bioshock Project [deviantART]


    Makes me think of the Portal 2 posters; nobody's going to know what the random, no-name brands mean except those who've played it. love it!

    Awesome. Been chasing more bioshock propaganda posters for ages.


    I can't believe he spelt tomorrow wrong. What a doofus.

      Yeh I noticed that too. Hopefully it won't take him long to fix up.

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