Ubisoft Launches UbiCollectibles - But I'm Way Too Poor!

Hi rich people - do you have so much money you literally don't care what you spend it on? Then Ubisoft's new UbiCollectible online store is totally for you. Don't mind dropping $399.95 on an Ezio statue? Boom - UbiCollectibles has you covered. Afraid of buying lunch at Hungry Jacks in case you don't have enough to buy your baby nappies? Probably best you don't click on this link.

UbiCollectibles is an online store that sells unique, premium, limited edition merchandise based on Ubi's video game properties, there are a few things there selling at the 'mere-mortal' price range, but this Ezio statue? It'll set you back almost 400 big ones. This Might and Magic effort? $339.95.

Big bucks.

“UbiCollectibles are designed to give true fans something special,” said Geoffroy Sardin, Chief Europe, Middle East and Asia Marketing and Sales Officer at Ubisoft. “Each item is a custom-designed, limited edition, created to give fans an exceptional way to deepen their experience with their favourite Ubisoft universes.”

I know that plenty of you guys enjoy collectibles like this, but I find they either gather dust on the shelf or my wife finds new and innovative ways to hide them lest her friends see them when they come over to watch Gossip Girl and stuff. That said, the detail and the workmanship is pretty incredible.

Worth the money? I guess stuff is worth whatever people are willing to pay for it...



    I really have a soft spot for game weaponry realised in real life, (still wishing for someone to do the Commander Keen ray gun) and the pride of my collection of memorabilia is the AC2 replica wrist blade I won in a Kotaku competition.

    However, I don't think selling collectible statuettes purely for their own merit is the best move for Ubisoft just yet.

    If I had money to blow, I would totally get one. For now, my $25 White Edition statue will do.

    I find the phrase "true fans" offensive in that context.

      I thought the same thing. So only the overly-wealthy are true fans?

        That's the one.

    I've been waiting for the day when CAPCOM licenses an official figurine for Vega from Street Fighter. Their Juri statue was a nice effort but I'm not really interested.

    That price seems pretty standard for collectibles like this.

    The level of detail is great but with 2000 on the market they'd only go for $250 at best on the collectibles circuit.

    Already have the T-shirt (got it with my preorder or AC:Rev). Would like to get the statue, but come on - $400? I mean, the level of detail looks amazing, but for that price I'd expect nothing less than the figure to be garbed in actual cloth, leather and armed with real steel.

    Then again, that's why they're called "collectibles".

    My AC2 'Black Edition' statue will do me nicely, thank you very much.

    Those statues cost as much as game consoles!

    Screw that for a joke, is it made from gold or something!?

    The lack of detail does not warrant a $400 price tag

    Really though
    You cant just buy one, you need one to play with and one to put in a box so in fifty years time you can try and get your grandkids to understand your were once cool too.

      Yeah cause playing with statues is not only cool, but totally normal...

    I got my Darunia from First4Figures last week and it blew me away. The pictures on the site do not do it justice.

    Also, it is MASSIVE. It's sitting here on my desk and makes me smile everytime I look at it.

    It did cost me $200. I make money through an online rewards program that just about covers me each time they release one though.

    $400 both from Japan and US collectibles put you in the top tier of figures. Not much of anything goes beyond that price and compared to its other $400 piers, especially in the 30cm range this is needing far more detail or a much smaller production run.

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