Uncharted Writer Originally Wanted Chloe Frazer's Voice For Elena Fisher

Elena Fisher began as a Spanish character, the writer of the Uncharted series said. The adventure's female protagonist was originally conceived as "Elena Vargas", and originally, writer Amy Hennig wanted Claudia Black, the voice of Chloe Frazer in Uncharted 2 to voice her.

Hennig revealed the detail of Fisher's creation on Friday at a panel discussion on Uncharted 3 at Comic-Con 2011, which featured the actress who has portrayed Fisher in all three games, Emily Rose, her longtime costars Richard McGonigle (Sully) and Nolan North (Nathan Drake). Black, the voice of Chloe Frazer in Uncharted 2, was not present, but her character (and voice) will appear in Uncharted 3

Even as a character-driven narrative, Uncharted leaves a lot to its fans' imaginations, Hennig says, and quite deliberately. The long line of questioners asking for background details on the Uncharted canon was evidence of that.

One fan inquired as to what Drake did between Uncharted and Uncharted 2 to ruin his romance with Fisher.

"Oh, is he going to like this game," North said, without elaboration.

Hennig didn't dodge the question but didn't answer it, either. Hennig said one of Uncharted's strengths as a story is the fact its players identify with the game, and that's accomplished by not defining everything, and leaving it to interpretation and implication.

That said, "You're talking about a guy who's got a lot of problems," Hennig said. "He's got some issues."

"So does Drake," North cracked, to laughter.

Uncharted 3 releases on November 1.


    "that’s accomplished by not defining everything, and leaving it to interpretation and implication"

    That sounds more of an excuse than an answer.

    While I like both games, I still deem Drake's Fortune better than Among Thieves - mostly because while thin and stretched out the story in Drake's Fortune is complete.

    Among Thieves suffered from serious lack of establishment. For one, what happened between Drake and Elena. For another, what happened between him and Chloe.

    But the biggest annoyance was how there was no justification for the games antagonist, Zoran Lazarevic, being there. Sure he is off to take over the world and yes that is a bad thing. But as there was no elaboration on what motivated him, the final battle became a frustration than a challenge.

    Despite this, I am still looking forward to Drake's Deception - in fact it is the Uncharted Series that makes me happy to have a PS3.

    Claudia Black couldn't play a sweet young naive explorer if her life depended on it.

    Too sultry.

    I'm glad. I like Elena for being Elena. And I love Chloe for who Chloe is.

    That said, there's nothing polite about the name 'Vargas'. Sounds like my kinda' girl.

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