Urban Champion Is The Next Nintendo 3DS *Ahem* '3D Classic'

Nintendo is mining its back catalog of 8-bit hits for re-release on the Nintendo 3DS. Two games, Excitebike and Xevious have been released - the latter only in Japan - as part of Nintendo's 3D Classics line. After that... Urban Champion.

If the name Urban Champion isn't ringing any bells, it's a Famicom/NES head-to-head beat 'em up dating back to 1984. The NES version is available via the Wii Virtual Console, which you'll find is not very good. Regardless of its quality or status as an actual "classic" game, the 3DS version will hit Japan next month, July 13, for ¥600 ($7).

Clearly, Nintendo is pacing themselves with its 3D Classics releases. You don't want to just toss up all the good stuff on the eShop all at once, right? Give 'em a few years. They'll get to Clu Clu Land eventually.


    They could've brought back Kung Fu\Spartan X but instead they bring back this tripe?

    Nintendo, Y u no bring good game back?

    All I want is Classic Kid Icarus and Metroid. Okay okay, Zelda 1 and 2 may be nice too, but yeah! Hell, okay, get Capcom in on the act and give me my freakin' Megaman while your at it too :P


      NEVER BRING BACK SHAQ-FU!!! That game STILL gives me nightmares... ^^

    Nintendo is really making some bad decisions about what games to release as 3D classics. They're idiots.

    Price seems a little steep as well for a game thats nearly 30yrs old regardless of whether it's good or not.

    I'd love to see all 3 NES Double Dragons, especially Double Dragon 2. I wonder if they'll release Gyromite, it had an interesting dynamic in that you could use the ROB robot as a second player to control the poles around each level. On the 3DS, presumably they could just add that functionality to the second screen to control which would work quite well.

    who cares anyway? the only people who own a 3DS are nintendo fanboys, who are obviously happy to keep playing the same games over and over again OR people who want to play ocarina of time for the 9000th time. either way you get what you pay for... the same old recycled ideas

    Balloon Fight in 3D! NOW!

    Mega Man. And Metroid.

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