$US25,000 Embezzled. What Was It Spent On?

In Salinas, California, charity worker Alexander Harvey turned himself in to authorities and was arrested for embezzling $US25,000 from the Salinas Junior Chamber of Commerce. Harvey formerly served as its treasurer.

What did he buy with the money he embezzled? Twenty-five grand is a fair junk of change. So, did he blow it on booze, girls, clothes? Um...

According to investigator Chris Lane, "We believe he bought some kind of gaming consoles - Xbox, things like that."

Thanks Ben for the tip!


    Seems to be a thing. When I was a kid somebody at my dads work embezzled $100,000 in a year using the company cheque account. I remember visiting their house before it was revealed.

    2x SNES with multiple copies of games if you wanted to play at the same time (expensive back in 93) and big screen TVs to play on from the new couches.

    an extra fridge dedicated to Coke and a spare ice-cream only chest freezer, one of those ones thats like an entire regular fridge laying down. Half the cupboards in their house where chips and chocolate. They were very fat but played an awesome round of multiplayer Doom.

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