Val Kilmer And His Friends Take On Spidey And The X-Men

Val Kilmer And His Friends Take On Spidey And The X-Men

With the San Diego Comic-Con right around the corner, Activision pulls back the curtain on the top-tier talent lending their voices to Spider-Man’s amazing friends and the X-Men’s newest mutants. It’s good to see Val Kilmer is still alive, isn’t it?

Yes, the actor that brought ace pilot Iceman to life and briefly paraded about in a bat suit now tackles Walker Sloan, the Alchemax scientist that meddles with the time stream in Spider-Man: Edge of Time, bringing about a dystopian future and setting the whole Spider-Man 2099 crossover in motion.

Val and his fellow voice actors will join comic book writer Peter David, the legendary Stan Lee, and several other special guests during Comic-Con’s Marvel Games Panel Saturday, July 23, at 10am.

See below to see who’s talking when the mighty Marvel duo hits consoles this Australian spring.


Battlestar Galactica‘s Katee Sackhoff takes on the role of Black Cat, Peter Parker’s unlucky side dish. Black Cat fun fact: Katee’s fellow Battlestar cast member Tricia Helfer voiced the character in both Spider-Man: Web of Shadows and The Spectacular Spider-Man TV series.


Laura Vandervoort has been featured in the V reboot as well as the Superman series Smallville, where she played Kal El’s cousin, Kara, AKA Supergirl. She plays Mary Jane Watson in Edge of Time.


From Friday Night Lights to X-Men Destiny, Scott Porter brings Adrian Luca to life.


Fresh off Sucker Punch, the luscious Jamie Chung takes on new mutant Aimi Yoshida in X-Men Destiny.


Heroes star Milo Ventimiglia takes on the role of new mutant Grant Alexander in X-Men Destiny.


  • Val Kilmer looks like boiled shit. Even Tom Cruise, all things considered, keeps himself in decent shape.

  • So I now have *one* reason to be interested in Spider-man Edge of Time.

    Her name is Sackhoff.

  • We’ve hand-picked only the most beautiful celebrities for this game. We’ve found that this formula works well for the lowest, most artistically cadverous Hollywood spoor, so we’re certain we can apply it to video games.

    Quiet down you mewling ‘gamers’. Take this injection of celebrity vogue like a trooper and be glad the rest of the popular world is standing ever-so-slightly closer than they were yesterday. It turns out you’re profitable and deserving of our attention after all.

    Once this is over we’ll make a sequel. Those sell well too.

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