Video Games And Chicken - What Can Possibly Go Wrong?

$15 for two hours of arcade gaming at Galaxy World, with 30 gaming tokens and, to top it all off, a Bondi Burger meal? Man, that is a deal that tickles the recesses of me old nostalgia bone. Chicken and video games - together at last.

This is today's deal at Living Social. Normally the whole thing costs $35, but today it costs a mere $15.

I have a soft spot for Arcades, having worked in one, and having spent a great deal of my childhood losing mypocket money to various iterations of Street Fighter. If you feel like taking a trip down memory lane (and ingesting some chicken while you're at it) or if you just feel like force feeding your kids with memories of your own childhood, this is just the deal for you!

Galaxy World Family Entertainment Centres [Living Social]


    this is why you should have come to the mini meat :)

      Galaxy World has pizza too!
      The grease was like lava in your mouth! Delicious, tastebud-killing lava.

    Anyone who declares loyalty to Oportos over Nandos is dead to me.

    That is all.

      Oh well. Was nice knowing you.

        I'll always remember the good times we shared.

      Nandos is overrated.

      Yeah man, I said it.

        Yes. It is overrated but still quite tasty.

        Oportos on the other hand is simply bad.

          Actually, I concur. Their chips are rubbish.

            It's a fast food chain, they both have to cut corners.
            Keep an eye out for smaller, local chains.
            And no, I don't mean Red Rooster, they're pretty shocking, too.

            I can't stand oporto, everything about it is inferior to me.
            Everytime i have Nandos, my taste buds sing in an angelic a capella.
            When i eat Oporto.. it's just... boring...

              MINATOED! (Fourthed!)

              Nandos peri peri is delicious! Also, I like the way they dare me to make my meal too hot for human consumption by telling me how hot the sauces are.

                I like to buy mild, then proceed to cover everything with the extra-hot sauce from the bottles they so conveniently leave out for everyone.

                That way, if i die, i can come back from the grave and sue them for giving me what i ordered, but leaving the oh-so-tempting death-sauce on the table.

                I am still yet to die from it, but i'll keep trying

      None of my internal organs can come to an agreement on whether nandos is the bees knees or eternal hellfire.

      Look, I like Nando's and all but they hardly exist here. Oporto is accessible, at least.

        Accessible does not make up for terrible.

        I didn't want to put my balls in the acid pool, but it was just so damn accessible.

        Anyway, whatever you think of Nando's, Oporto is terrible.

          They're just tennis balls right? They're only, what 45 cents each or something? No big loss.
          That's what you meant, right? Tennis balls?

      I can't afford either. Where do you stand on that? :)


    Oporto is good, but a few years ago it used to be SO much better. They changed the chilli and started to cheap out on ingredients, yet the prices still went up. Its 11 or 12 bucks for a triple bondi meal now, which is too much.

    Nandos tastes great, but they charge restaurant prices! So rarely would I ever buy from them.

    Aw, it's not the Galaxy World above Paddy's Markets? The bumper cars in that place are amazing, and the guy who usually works them is absolutely hilarious.

    Whenever I make the trek into Sydney with my friends, it's always our first stop. :P

    All this chicken talk is making me want to.... play arcade games

    Seeing Transformers 3 tonight at George St, this will really hit the spot!

    Does anyone here determine the quality of a fast food chain by the quality of 1 fast food location?

    It makes me angry when my friends do this

    Geez Mark, plugging Living Social, how could you!! Do you friends who work there or something?! This is an outrage! I'm so angry, I'm now going to eat some chicken!!!

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