Video Games And The Simpsons: Together At Last

Has any television show featured more memorable video game moments than The Simpsons? Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge, Bonestorm, and we can't forget Death Kill City II: Death Kill Stories. Milhouse trying to enter Thrillhouse as his name, and only being able to fit in Thrillho. Ah... gold Jerry. Gold. Well, Complex has put together an amazing collection of all the video game moments on The Simpsons - including some I had completely forgotten about.

It's just another example of the huge breadth and scale of The Simpsons in general. It's also pretty interesting to see how games have been represented in the show as time and technology has progressed. I've just spent the last half hour looking through all these clips. It's great stuff.

The Complete History Of Video Games On "The Simpsons" [Complex]


    A show not studied enough. I lament dropping out of my PhD, as The Simpsons is definitely worthy of more academic attention.


    .... TAKE IT!

    Bonestorm = Bulletstorm?

    Provide evidence why not or I will just assume that The Simpsons predicts the future.

      Because Bonestorm was a fighting game more like Mortal Kombat, and not a first person shooter?

      Fun fact: Bonestorm has become my go-to terminology for when I am referring to a lot of sex, e.g.: Compared to the romance options in Mass Effect 2, Dragon Age 2 is a veritable bonestorm.

        Ahh they did show footage of it on the ad that suggested it was a fighter didn't they? I only remembered what Bart and Milhouse saw, which was basically nothing.

      Lol no

      Bonestorm = bloodstorm

      How old do I feel?

    I love the end of that ep with the golf game - brilliant!

      Also the Bonestorm commercial is clear evidence that The Simpsons' writers studied their Sega commercials in the 90s

    The clip with Grandpa Simpson trying to play Asteroids is amazing.

      Also, DASH DINGO!

        And I completely forgot about Marge's addiction to Earthland Realms!

    A bit of trivia for you folks... in a later episode, bart goes into an arcade and in the background was a arcade machine called Polybius with one button, a joystick and "Property of the US Government" written on it.

    I loved 'Cat Fight': "The hair! The hair!" .

    Eat the seven crystal babies before great didgeridoo!

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