VVVVVV Creator Makes Super Meat Boy A Tad More Impossible

VVVVVV Creator Makes Super Meat Boy A Tad More Impossible

Super Meat Boy is no joke. That’s a hard game, and that’s part of its appeal. Put it in the hands of the maker of another, harder game, and it collapses into a singularity of motherfucker-what-do-you want-me-to-do difficulty.

There’s now a playable flash game of Super Meat Boy done in the style of VVVVVV, by the creator of the latter, Terry Cavanagh. Cavanagh says Team Meat asked other indie devs to draw warp zone titles, as if they had made Super Meat Boy. “After several attempts I didn’t like and scrapped, I figured it would just be easier for me to make a little Super Meat Boy fan game in my own style, and make something around that,” Cavanagh said. And so he did.

He cautions that the game is “only actually a couple of screens long and very broken.” Oh, that’s good. See, I thought I couldn’t get past the purple part because I was a pussy.

My Super Meat Boy [Distractionware, via Ripten]


  • Got the fourth screen [after about 5 minutes] and then gave up. I really didn’t stand much of a chance considering I suck at regular SMB, let along this super-hard version…

  • Couldn’t do anything but scream “WHAT THE FUCK?!?” the whole time I was playing. Didn’t get very far, gave up on third screen.

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