Want An NES And Every NES Game Ever Made? $75k Please!

To begin with, this collection is impressive. Mightily impressive. It features every single NTSC game released on the NES, in addition to a number of other insanely rare titles. Now its being sold on ebay - yours for the reasonable price of $75,000US!

The description on ebay reads as follows...

Listed here is the results of over 10 years of collecting for the NES. It is a complete set of every NES game issued in the U.S. plus a bunch more. The only two titles missing are arguably not needed for a complete set. Not included are Myriad 6 in 1 (a variant of Caltron 6 in 1, which is included), and Nintendo World Championships (an "alternate" version is included in this auction). Every game is as complete as possible with three exceptions. Peek-a-boo Poker and Wacky Races are both missing manuals, and Stadium Events is cart only. Also included in this lot are most of the PAL exclusive games, a complete Sachen set, and some authentic unreleased games. The condition of the games range from fair (only a few) to mint.

I thought about posting the entire list of games in the package here, but seriously, it's an utterly ludicrous list. Head to the auction itself to check it out. The asking price of $75k is pretty high (and the seller himself even admits he doesn't expect to get that price) but you can also make him an offer.


    For some reason I would have guessed that this would cost more than 75,000.

    the seller clearly hasn't heard of emulators before.

      You clearly haven't heard that some people prefer the real thing.

        You clearly haven't heard that anyone who'd want to own every NES game ever made wouldn't have $75,000.

          He's doing the reverse haggle. It's a great way to test the waters for a proper price and weed out timewasters.

      This is my auction. And yes, I have heard of emulators, they are what makes me more willing to part with this.

    Tell 'im he's dreamin'

      Hahah nice one! made me lol irl

    Actually, $75,000 is fairly reasonable for 850-900 games which are not being released anymore. A couple of the titles in there are easily worth in the hundreds, to thousands of dollars for cart only (Stadium Events ring a bell, anyone? Sells for tens of thousands of dollars on eBay, if people are actually paying the auction when it's over). Having Bubble Bath Babes and Peek-A-Boo Poker in the box (one of which is complete) is very difficult to find. As well as the authentic unreleased games, which you can't realistically put a price on.

    If I had $75K, I would totally buy this. Beats the hell out of my 249 CIB collection, which only really has one rare title in it.

    His collection doesn't seem to include the PAL Mr Gimmick :P cost me around 200 dollars.

    Call me picky, but anyone else a tad annoyed at 'An NES'? It's just niggling me a bit. It's 'A NES'

      Meh, not everyone knows how to use 'an' and 'a' correctly. Hell I didn't til
      I looked it up a few weeks ago and I'm 36.

      when deciding which article to use, 'a' or 'an' the rule is to use 'a' when the next sound is a consonant. We use 'an' when the next word begins with a vowel pronunciation. We do no refer to spelling (take an hour for example). NES is pronounced 'en i es'. Therefore, he has an NES collection.

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