Want To Represent Australia At The Call Of Duty XP In LA?

Activision has just provided us with info regarding the inaugural Call of Duty XP event in Los Angeles. It turns out they want to send four Australians to the event, and are holding a competition to try and find the lucky four.

Where: Monash University, Building 60, Wellington Road, Clayton Campus, Melbourne

When: Wednesday 13th July, 6.30pm for a 7pm start

Who: Any competitive Call of Duty players 18+ (in teams of 4 people)

Why: To represent Australia in the world’s biggest Call of Duty competition!

What: 32 teams will battle it out in single elimination rounds

Registration: Via email to [email protected]

Teams must enter together (4 players on one email) including: Name, address, phone, email, DOB for each team member and TEAM NAME

NB: This is ‘first in, first served’ and once all 32 teams have been secured, no additional players will be accepted. Teams will be advised via return email.

Also, please note, if there are any teams that forfeit prior to the event’s commencement, we will contact the next teams on the list regarding registration.

Prize: The victorious team will win an all expenses paid trip to LA to compete in the COD XP event. The prize includes flights, accommodation, transfers, meals and entry into the tournament.

The winning team MUST be available to attend the event between August 31 and September 4.

Good luck folks!


    In the age of gaming, why must you attend in melbourne, why not every capital city? Does melbourne host the greatest cod players?

      Cease your whining! You know how many events Sydney has held that I have been envious of?

      Though in all seriousness, I think it's because Monash hosts a games boot camp/expo kinda thing around about this time of the year, so I think that's a potential reason why they're hosting it there.

        Not whining. Im from brisbane, dont get to see any of this anytime up here!

          Shhhhh, you have a mana bar and the EB Expo. That's close enough, right?

            You should both quit your whining, come live in Perth, then you'll have something to complain about! ;)

              DENAz has a point, same shit as Adelaide.

              It's barely evolving here, meanwhile Sydney and Melbourne are spoon fed from a silver platter.

    Also, the ONE SEMESTER I'M NOT AT UNI there and they hold something interesting there. Though I might try and drop by and watch it. If they have spectators. Are spectators allowed?

    screw all your states - bring it to adelaide! :P

      I agree!

    Is it a PC, xbox or PS3 tournament? Also which COD is it?

      black ops

      activision dont seem to care about previous releases once the new ones are out :D

    vague much?
    which console (safe to assume xbox though)
    and it would most likely be team deathmatch yeah?

    What platform is this?

    Which CoD/platform is it for?

    perth gets all the fun

    A convention made specifically for CoD. What the f*ck!?

    Any other Melbournites want to hit this up? Let me know

    This is stupid. Why? Because CoD is so random it's just pointless to call one player a winner.

    If you have a tournament, full of people who are good at CoD, play ten games with identical settings, I guarantee you that there will be a different winner in every game. Whoever wins this isn't more skilled than the other guy, just luckier.

      That is completely untrue- very little luck is involved

        To a certain point, but not to the extent in other FPS's. As my friend always says - COD is difficult to learn but easy to master, whereas Halo [for example] is easy to learn but difficult to master.

    Its xbox, its in melbourne ( I work in red carpet events, and every goddam one is in sydney) and we are bringing 64 xboxes for the event in one week! Sorry it can't be every where, but as far as we can see, australias been put first with little time to organise it - maybe to give the yanks the best chance! Any sydney-siders that need accommadation for the event - I may have at least one teams sort-ed!

    It's Xbox 360 and Team death match as teams of four kinda a give away and because microsoft is the only other sponsor it would be xbox 360

    It's on xbox 360. Activision has already said that the xbox 360 version will be the only version at the expo.

    Might as well make it an expo involving nothing but bots if it's console based. Not to mention the whole Melbourne thing. Why not time it with an event that actually draws people from other states?

    Then again, it could be worse. It could be held in Sydney and then we'd have NSW folk representing Aus...

    The full breakdown is here:


    I heard rumours that Sony will be going there to show off the PSV :O

    So what we have here is a terrible publisher, putting money towards a terrible game on a terrible console?

    No surprise it attracts all the ecksbok kids...

    EA should totally park a BF3 billboard truck outside.

    is there spctating and if so can people under the age of 18 spectate

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