We Did It! The R18+ Round-Up

Well it's now pretty much a done deal. Eight out of nine states have agreed to the R18+ rating, with NSW looking likely to follow soon. And even if NSW doesn't consent, an adult rating for video games is going through with or without them - before the end of the year claims Brendan O'Connor. Below we've created a brief roundup of R18+ news for those that want to catch up.

Brendan O'Connor And R18+: I'm Relieved It's Over Could We Have An R18+ Rating Before The End Of The Year Reactions To The R18+ Decision R18+: John Rau Is Sticking With Stickers Commonwealth Will Consider Overriding NSW On R18+ All States Except NSW Agree To R18+ In Principle

In addition, you can check out all our previous R18+ coverage here.


    *Holds up a Guinness in the air.*

    Cheers to everyone pro-R18 and all their efforts. Mark Serrels, Kotaku Staff, mature games of Australia. I stop here as it's a very long list.



    At this point I'm feeling pretty confident Smith with agree, if only because it'll be plain stupid if NSW is the only state without a rating - but I am concerned that they'll hack apart the proposed guidelines O'Connor has put forth. It's not really an improvement from the perspective of gamers if games such as Mortal Kombat can't potentially be resubmitted and accepted under R18+.

    I won't celebrate this victory until I see what the new ratings actually are and they still seem reasonable.



    Time to get my drink on!

    OK, I can't let this slide any more: WE DO NOT HAVE NINE STATES!!!

    /and now back to your regularly scheduled celebrations...

      Unless, the untelevised invasion of NZ was successful..?

        And let's face it... we know it would be!

          Not with our naval transport capabilities :( We might have to loan some ships from NZ then invade them with their own boats.

        Want Outs :D

      7 states and 2 territories but that is a mouthful to say

        You're kidding, right?

        6 states, 2 territories.

          You're kidding, right Amy? 6 states and 3, yes THREE territories. Let's not forget Jervis Bay, it has the same rights as the NT and ACT do.

            no one gives a f*** about jervis bay

            Nope, JBT has no right to self-government. The third self-governed territory is Norfolk Island.

    So happy right now, and right in time for afternoon drinks :D hahaha

    Props to you Mark, the amount of effort you've put into the subject has been amazing :)

    As promising as it sounds, I'll not believe it until I'm holding a case with an 18+ rating on it (and not one of the ones I've imported from civilised parts of the world)

    Ok gang, now that we've finally solved the mystery of the missing R Rating, it's onto our next case!

      Michael Atkinson would have gotten away with it too if it weren't for you meddling kids!

    I can't believe that logic and sanity has prevailed....for now.

    Friday afternoon.
    Long week of TAFE is over.
    Fish and chips for dinner.
    Mother brings home 6 pack from work.
    Find out R18+ rating is coming.

    TGIF? TGIF indeed :D

    can i get my steam l4d2 uncensored now?

      Hopefully soon D:
      I have the censored version on my main account and uncensored on my other account.. problem is, every time I switch between accounts l4d2 has to constantly redownload :(

        I just got someone nice to gift it to me :) But I think it's hilarious that Dead island got through...I likey the look of that game.

    Now, speculation on what the first R18+ game will be...

      FIFA 12

      hello kitty vs. street fighter

    Nothin's Gonna Stand In Our Way ... not tonight
    1986 Transformers Movie Victory song!


      that song brings back great memories XD

    I'm digging the optimism, but I am going to reserve my enthusiasm for when the decision is locked in.
    I get the feeling that NSW could still derail this one somehow and I don't want to give my hopes up.


    And we would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!

    And a big thanks to the Gamers4Croydon volunteers, specifically David Doe, Chris Prior, Kat Nicholson and many others who quite literally put their money where their mouths were and wouldn't take no for an answer.

    Called it! Sorta... Still, it seems my optimism was not misplaced.


    I'll believe it when I see L4D2 on steam. That is, the ACTUAL L4D2.
    Or when a fallout game comes out with the word 'morphine' in it.

      Fallout wont happen, since the game was changed on a global scale because of AUS.
      Changing it at this point would be pointless

        I meant a new fallout . Alas its too late for F3 and NV.

      but on a more serious note, I'd like to thank you Mark Serrels, regardless of the outcome of this decision.
      The representation we gamers have had from you makes me proud to be an Aussie gamer. All the effort you have put in to this does not go unnoticed.
      Your reward shall one free headshot, gore and all, directly to my face, in an R18+ game of your choosing.

        Nicely put. Without wishing to be a total suckup, Mark, I think the work you've done on this issue has been astonishing. A rare online example of Actual Journalism, the like of which Kotaku proper would do well to try to emulate. Thanks for all your work and have a great weekend!

        And the other guy. You know the one - the one who edited Kotaku AU in the "before" times.

        Duck Duck Goose, or whatever he was called.

    IS it likely that previously unreleased games will get a second look in

    Mortal Kombat now with R-18? :D

    We got him!

    TIS MY BIRTHDAY GIFT TO ALL! Mwah, Mwah! *bows*

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